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Supps On An Empty Stomach?


I have a few questions about taking supplements that are supposed to be on an empty stomach.

How long after your last meal should you take the supplement? I try to eat every 3 hours like all the experts say.

Also how long after you take a supplement on an empty stomach can you eat? I go to the gym in the morning and I make a pre-workout shake before I go. If I take the supplement 1st thing in the morning do I have to wait a certain amount of time before I can eat/drink my pre-workout shake?

Would a multi-vit like Animal Pak have or fish oil effect anything If i took them at the same time as other supplements?

Thank you very very much!


Then take your supps 30 minutes before eating each meal.


Shouldn't it be AFTER each meal?


Your stomach will definitely not be empty 30 minutes after eating.


so we've figured out nothing.



go by how u feel there's no rule of thumb for an empty stomach. you know how u feel when ur stomach is empty, i would say about 1 hour after u eat is good tho.

i would wait about 30 mins to eat after taking supplements just to let them digest a little bit.

u have questions about waiting to drink a shake after taking supps and taking multivitamin/fish oil and supps but it all depends what ur taking. most things it doesnt matter, dont be so fukin technical just lift.


Twenty to 30 minutes prior to each meal is usually fine, unless specified otherwise.