Supps & Nutrition

I like a little advice on sups’ & nutrition. I am 53 as of May 5. I take Flameout,BCAA, Glutamine & creatine, for protein I use labrada breakfast shakes & Pro V 60. I usually only eat Salmon, egg whites & oatmeal. for cheating it’s Pizza or Pasta. I eat simple and clean. But somehow I need to organize this. I work out in the morning 1 1/2 hr weight training and 30 mins of cardio mon-fri. some cardio on Sat. and I play baseball on Sun.

I am tired a lot of the days but I keep pushing on. Does anyone have some advice on how to put a proper nutrition program together?? All I do right know with sups’ is take all sups’ pre & post workouts and nothing throughout the day. Thanks for any help

Keep it simple nail the seven habits in the Seven habit article by JB and get plenty of rest eat enough to support your goals etc.

Really your supps look good if needing a training boost try Spike out. d personally drop the glutamine and just get plenty of protein. Make sure your getting ALL your fats and enough saturated included. You might alos consider a T booter Like Alpha Male and even getting blood work done to see where your lecvels are at on EVERYTHING if nothing more to have a base level