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Supps From Here to Canada


Hey all. Im from Calgary, Alberta Canada and was wondering if anyone on this site knows how I could get my hands on some of the supplements from this site. I have tried to simply order them but they will not deliver to Alberta.
So if someone knows, please help me out.


What reason do they give for not delivering them to Alberta? I am in BC, and I have ordered from them.

\|/ 3Toes


They did'nt really give one, just that they cannot get there products over the Alberta boarder.
But I thought they said all of Canada, So I will ask them about shiping to BC.


Customs Canada in Alberta do not allow most of our products into Alberta.

It doesn't make sense, but Customs in some Canadian provinces are much more strict than in others.


Wouldn't that just piss ya off?

\|/ 3Toes


Yeah, just a little bit. FUCK!


Not sure if this is of any help... But I am also in Alberta and I knew of this Alberta customs problem. So, I didn't bother to try ordering from the States. Instead, I was able to get several Biotest products that I wanted to try from a Canadian online source. It seems like it is a bit more money this way, but I know Customs won't be seizing and probably using my supplements on my coin. You should be able to find it by googling Sports Nutrition Depot.


www.sndcanada.com sells Surge, Grow!, HOT-ROX all the good stuff.


OMG, I just paid $55 US PLUS $45 CDN for shipping of some protein bars.... how ridiculous, never again!!!


Heh, it does make sense. Alberta is full of right-wing pricks. :slight_smile:


haha yah, Canada sucks!!!! stupid levy charges i believe and other crap!!!

I remembered I ordered like 6 Surge and 6 Grow! and some HOT-ROX shipping to Asia and total delivery cost was only about 80 bucks US! what a deal!


I'm also in Calgary, I bought HOT-ROX etc from sndcanada, decent prices, fast service and free shipping. I was truly impressed.

Question is, will they ever get Maximum Strength HOT-ROX? (Hopefully I won't need it)


That's a really helpful address. I gotta check if they deliver in Quebec as well. I've wondering how to get Biotest stuff without spilling about 50$ for customs