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Supps for Training Hard and Frequent?

Hi Folks,

As you may not now at the moment I’m training 3 to 4 Day’s in a Row each week at the moment, I know it’s best to have that Rest day (I’m not working same muscle groups on workouts) but With Commetments in my life at the moment I’m doing what i can do fit in training. It’s only for the next 8 Weeks I guess till I’ve finished Education etc,

Anyways I’m looking for a Suppliment alongside my Diet and Big eatting that will give me that Edge and Power I need to Train the next day. Currently working Hypertrophy.

Just to note I’ve just started using Creatine Caps again, I’m doing a Cycle right now, After 2 months, I’m thinking of switiching again and try the Fizogen Mass Cycle for over the Summer,

Any ideas for Supps would be great,


ZMA + fish oil + 9+ hours sleep

I don’t know what your PWO shake is like but I would try some Surge. Definitely will help with recovery. I’ve been using dextrose and whey, but I got paid today so I’m going to order some right now.

The sleeps not a problem,

What’s ZMA?

A sidetrack to Surge I guess?

I’ll shall have a look at dextrose later.

Thanks gusy,

Biotest ZMA or Surge? What’s most effective in your opinon?

Power Drive might help out.

tough call, but, for hypertrophy I’d go for Surge.

Proper post work out nutrition is crucial at all times, and even more so when you increase your work load. I would defiantly pick up some Surge if you haven’t.

Lots of sleep and lots of food should take care of the rest. BETA-7 would be another good choice to keep you from going over the edge. I haven’t used it personally, but a lot of folks have had good results.

[quote]w-a-t-p wrote:
Biotest ZMA or Surge? What’s most effective in your opinon?


They are two different products and both very effective in their own right. I love them both but the guys are right, if you’re training for hypertrophy, Surge would be what I would recommend as well.

In response to your earlier question about ZMA, yes, it helps you sleep but also aids in recovery.