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Supps for Strength/Endurance Training?


Hi Guys,
I'm looking for some opinions on my supplementation regime for Strength/Endurance Training.
I compete in Kettlebell Sport which is basically completing 10 minute sets of clean and jerks with 70lb kettlebells.
I train 5X per week.

A.M. - Multivitamin/ 3 Fish Oil Caps
Pre Workout - 4 BCAA's, 5gr Glutamine, 5gr Beta Alanine
Post Workout - 4 BCAA's, 5gr Glutamine + 50% of my carb intake for the day
P.M. - Vitamin C, Vitamin E

I'd appreciate input from anyone who understands what would be the most effective supplementation for my application.

Is there anything else you would suggest? Creatine? ZMA?
Is there anything you would remove?
Thanks for your advice.


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