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Supps for Size and Strength?


i use protein, some carb, vit D, Zinc. any other good supps for getting Big n Strong


There sure are, you can find most of them in the grocery store. Check the dairy isle and the produce department. :slight_smile:




He's right. Supps should come after diet. If you're diet is shit, supps are only going to do so much, if anything, it's something some of us have learned the hard way, after wasting lots of money.


As mentioned, get your diet in order. Don't use more supplements if your diet isn't in check, it will educate you on how your body works with certain foods and your tolerance of them.

When you hit a wall and you take a bunch of supplements how will you know what to take out and what to add in? Stay on the supplements you are on right now, keep it basic.


i was taking glucosamine chondroitin but everytime i take it i get constipated pretty bad so thats off the list


Fish Oil should be a staple.


And.....Eat Your Vegetables!!!


ur supposed to take glucosamine chondroitin with exlax. thats how u get the huge gunz


shut up i eat my vegetables and i say my prayers every damn night holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fishoil is kool ill go steal some.......jk ill buy it


Fuckin comedian


You're 6'2", 268 with "no idea" about your bodyfat.

Is "bigger" really a priority? Or would you want to clean things up a bit, physique-wise? (That is to say, is there much point in getting "bigger" if it means adding significantly more fat than muscle?)

As far as supplements for strength, the right peri-workout nutrition will help you squeeze the most out of training. Something like Surge Workout Fuel would be a start, if you're doing longer/higher volume sessions.Also, a lot of people say good things about Alpha-GPC, in terms of a pre-workout supp.

But really, without more detail about your current condition (bodyfat), training, and nutrition, there's not much more advice to be had.


im not trying to get bigger i dont know why the subject even says that cause all i put for subject was Supps. im in a powerlifting forum what kinda training do u think i do? im doing the 5/3/1 program, been powerlifting for a couple years i want to get all my lifts into the 600s. i do high intensity cardio twice a week on the jump rope. most of the shit i eat i make at home, i eat alot of meat and veggies. not gonna lie i eat the fast food sometimes when i need a fast protein source when im on the road


Uhhh, because you wrote:


Yep, like Evolv pointed out, you actually said you wanted to get "Big n Strong", unless that was a figure of speech, which is fair enough.

That wasn't much actual detail about your training or nutrition, so there still isn't much to work with, but if you're primarily focused on strength, like I said, peri-workout nutrients and a pre-workout boost would be where it's at.

Something as simple as having your generic "protein and some carbs" during your lifting could be an improvement. Or like I said, Surge Workout Fuel would be even better. Dave Tate and some other EliteFTS guys have talked about their positive experiences with it.


That'd be the basics. Depending on how close/far your goals are, you may or may not need much more. There aren't a ton of supplements that specifically improve just your strength, except in a roundabout way by improving your overall nutrition and training sessions. So really, the key is to fine-tune your training to get you on track with your goals and streamline your nutrition to support your activity level without going overboard, calorie-wise.


You're not using creatine? There should be no excuse, cheap as chips.


well size usually comes with strength so thats what i was talkin about. i dont wanna be no weak big guy i dont like false advertising. anyway i mix whey with carbo gain and sip on that while i train and thanks for some of the pointers ill be looking into gettin some Surge.

and supa power ur right i got a tub of creaform sittin on my counter just been too lazy to use it ill start bustin that out again. thanks for the input fellaz