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Supps for Recovery


I could use some help with a question.

A buddy (mid-30?s, 6? 180lbs) is getting ready to attend a police academy. He has been working out regularly for several years and has adjusted his program to address the needs of academy life (bodyweight exercises and running) over the last several months. His fitness program is under control as measured against recommended fitness levels (push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and running). His diet is well adjusted for macro-nutrients. He takes a multi vitamin and glucosamine daily.

He is concerned about recovery and energy once he starts getting physically abused 2 hours/day 5 days/week for 24 weeks with calisthenics, distance runs, sprints and defensive tactics. Are there any supplements that could help? If you are unfamiliar with PT at an academy consider what you would recommend for an amateur combat athelete (boxer, wrestler,...) in training or during the season.

Thanks in advance.


Recovery shouldn't be a problem under that scenario. Keep the diet clean with low processed sugar, drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest are the keys.

As far as supps go, protein is a necessity unless he is able to eat his fill. He may want to add some glutamine, BCAA's, and arginine, but I'd call these extras. And, you may want to increase the caffine or use a thermo for energy.

If I were him, I wouldn't go into the training meeting the requirements - I would far exceed them. If they want 50 push-ups, I'd do 100. If they want 10 pull-ups, I'd do 20. I'm no expert in the police academy of your area, but I'd guess that guys at the minimum probably wash out.


what state an agency is the academy for? Sounds like he will be well prepared...Ive been to two different academies, one was 6 month residential, another 6 home get to go home at night....as well I did 2 years at a military academy...in all these scenarios, you gotta remember these people are NOT all athletes....there are tons of people who probably couldnt make a high school sports team back in the day who are soldiers and cops (not saying its a bad thing), but if your buddy has been training his butt off regularly, the most he probably needs to prepare for is dealing with the mental games, or being annoyed by how some people react to stress around him and the group dynamics of it all.

So anyways, sounds like he is training alot, and there will be people who come in who havent trained but still make it. Its all about not giving up Im sure he will do fine.

Depending on the academy he may or may not be able to take supplements during the day (or at night if its residential and they dont allow personal items). If he can, Id do meal replacements and protein shakes to make up for whatever cafetaria junk food they have (mine was bad, but Ive heard of academies where they actually hook them up with good grub). If its a go home at night academy and pack your own lunch, keep up the good nutrition.

DRINK TONS of water. Get a good carb/protein workout mix to drink before the training sessions (I prefer Endurathon), aminoval fast charge packs would be easy way to shoot down some BCAA's really quick without needing to pop pills, and Im always a big fan of anti oxidant formulas.

Tell him good luck, and let me know where he is going! He/you can PM me if you have further questions.

God Bless


Thanks for the feedback. Any additional ideas are welcome!

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