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Supps for Muscle Pull?

Just curious as I deal with lots of kids who strain, pull, or tear things in college sports…Im not up on all the supplements like I was when I was playing, but outside of the stuff the training staff does with them, what could be done on the nutritional side?

I always upped my vitamin C&E with each meal, extra Glutamine (but now Im seeing on here people say is BS), keep protein high.

Any suggestions or opinions for supplements that might help heal up soft tissue injuries faster?


I think with injuries like that, 80-90% of the healing process will be done with good old fashioned rice. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. See, it’s a play on words. You were asking about food, and I mentioned rice. Well, I thought it was funny anyway).

Antioxidants are always good, high quality protein supplements (like Low-Carb Grow!) are always good. Something like MSM might be worth looking into, some people like it, though it’s more related to joint injuries. I think a nice chunk of red meat could cure most of the world’s ailments (nice proteins and fats, some other nifty vitamin/mineral/micronutrients).

Personally, I do respond well to glutamine. I took it when I had some surgery last year, and my post-op recovery time was the fastest my doc had ever seen. Also, if I can remember to take it when there’s a bug going around the office, I can usually stave off catching it.

thank you! ha that was a good play on words!

Thanks for the experience with glutamine as well. And I tend to agree with red meat theory haha…if I could live off red meat every meal Id be a happy man…I just dont have the time to prepare it or the $ to afford it!

“If I were rich…” Id be eating sushi and steak 6 times a day, and rotate in a couple plates of good game meat that Id be bagging on all the hunting trips Id be taking my old man on!


Well said. I concur with essentially everything you said. (You are either experienced and/ or educated in the field, eh?)

I might just add that the soft tissue benefits of vitamin C probably don’t require more than a 250mg daily tablet, since tissue saturation occurs a bit below this dose. And while I’m on the topic of vitamin C and soft tissue (collagen) formation, there are some data out there than glutamine may help, too.