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Supps for Maintaining Muscle

I’m having surgery in two months, and the doc said I can’t workout for two weeks afterward. Are there supplements that can help me maintain muscle and stave off atrophy? Any advice would be appreciated.

BCAA are very good at maintaining LBM while dieting. Couldn’t hurt in this case. I’d try 4x5g per day between meals.

Carbolin 19.

great advice above ill also add good food dont try and cut while having to be laid up. Even accept a bit of fat gain once your rolling again itll come off and will go a long way to sparing LBM.


Creatine will help as well. I’ve used it in the past when I’ve been laid up, and I recall my brother having his arm in a cast for a while, loaded up on Creatine and Glutamine as best he could.

ALso better to overeat a bit and keep your muscle than undereat due to inactivity and lose what took so long to build in the first place.


You won’t experience atrophy in two weeks. Two months, yeah, but not in two weeks.

Just eat and you will be fine. You might grow a bit with the time off and your CNS will have time to recuperate before you get back into it.

I hope the surgery goes well.