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Supps for Joint Pain

Hey guys, anyone know of a few good supplements for joint/tendon pain. I posted before about elbow pain I was having and I plan on take it easy w/tricep training…but if you know of any good supplements for joint and/or tendon pain please let me know. Thanks for the help…

I know most people like the glucosamine-chondrotin for joints and what not. There was an article on t-mag a while back, try searching for that.

Try Active Release Technique (ART). It is not a supplement but it works.
Go to www.activerelease.com for more info.

The first thing that I would recommend would be
turmeric. It is actually a spice but has very powerful anti-inflammitory properties, as well as being a great antioxidant. You want a product with a 95% curcuminoid content, as you should take 1200mg a day(preferable at three separate occasions). This dose has been shown to be as effective as 400mg a day of cortisone without any of the side effects. I would also try grape seed extract 300mg a day. Try and get a product with a 95% OPC content. Hope this helps.

Whenever I used to get joint pain, I’d just use a roach clip. They only cost a few cents and make a word of difference. It beat wasting that last gram or two, or the hassle of recycling it into another joint. Actually, the -best- way to not get joint pain is to abstain from it all together. No joint. No pain. That’s what I do. Good luck!

I take 3g of MSM per day. It’s super cheap, and it has helped me keep away joint pain for months. MSM also has a bunch of other purported qualities; it’s supposed to help with muscle soreness if you take it before and after your workout. If you do a web search, I’m sure you’ll find out more.

Hey guys, thank you very much, I’ll give this all a shot…

Hey daBRAIN, where would be the best place to find turmeric of this quality?