Supps For Healing a Wrist Injury

What should I use to cure a wrist injury ?

[quote]Uscumla Beograd wrote:
What should I use to cure wrist injury ?[/quote]

I doubt there’s much you can do beyond R.I.C.E. and then time. I sprained my wrist mountain biking two weeks ago and still can’t put my bodyweight onto that wrist. Thus, can’t train any pushing exercises.

However, if anyone has any special or secret cure, let us know.

I doubt there’s a “special” supp for it. Rest and support are the only things I can think of that help cure it. Keep it supported when you’re using your arms (daily things) and make sure you get enough rest so your wrist can heal.

Not that this is a “cure” by any means and also understanding there seems to be a terrific amount of negativity toward homeopathic/naturpathic medicine here, I’ve used arnica montana (either in pellet form and as a massage oil) and bromelain with what I consider high success when healing from surgeries and would imagine they’d be helpful here as well. There are other items as well I’d recommend as well; should you be interested.

Arnica is good. Reduces the inflammation, which helps to speed up healing.

I fractured my wrist earlier this year, you don’t mention what exactly you have done, but I was told I had sprained it originally - and they had x-rayed it. After 7 weeks I found out I had fractured my Scaphoid. It may be worth getting it checked again.

Once correctly diagnosed after 6-8 weeks in a splint it was healing very slowly, then I tried the following:

MSM, Calc Phos 6c, Symphytum 6c,
Clacium Magnesium Zinc, Comfrey Cream and Ruta Grav 6c

…and it healed after another 6 weeks.
You should be able to find them at a place that stock Homeopathic medicines.

Hope this helps.
Dan E

I’ve found that contrast baths works great. I have one bucket with hot water and one with ice water, keep hands in ice water for 45 sec to 1 min then in hot water for app the same time, repeat for 20-30 minutes.

I’m hooked on bending steel and that can beat up the wrists quite a bit, contrast baths speeds up the recouperation A LOT. This works if you’re overtrained, if you’re INJURED you should see a doc.

You should get some “Aflutop”, look it up. It is an injectable cartilage repair compound that is supposed to be quite effective.

I second the Arnica, i use it with all my athletes. It will only work if it is a sprain or strain. Not much feedback from breaks, except for swelling reduction.

There is also Traumed (traumeel). Another anti-inflammatory/homeopathic. There are also some Chinese Herbs. I forget which ones. I will check my list tomorow and post. Please remind me.

As for the Scaffoid break…that is a typical break that 50% is never diagnosed. It can be awhile til full recovery. Find a grip that works if you are a crazy trainee.

Feel better,

People have found good success with an enzyme called “Serrapeptase”. This is a naturally occuring enzyme found in the gut of the silkworm (don’t get sucked in by that knock off Polyester worm). It’s main claim to fame is it’s effect on inflammation. I’ve used it with exceptional results, recommended it and those people have experienced the same results.

Google it and look into it. You might be surprised.


Forgot to mention in my first post, I also used Turmeric (curry powder)one spoonful in warm water 3 x a day. I only kept this up for a week.

My consultant recommended it and if you look on Google there is plenty of info backing this up.

Plus its not as bad as you think just make sure you keep some chewing gum handy!!!