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Supps for Estrogen Reduction in Males?


Resveratrol or Diindolylmethane?

I wish to lower estrogen a little and trying to find out of these 2 natty supps which is the best to reduce estrogen, i believe they both have the ability to reduce e but which is the best?
my choice is biotivia trans resveratrol 500mg (the market leader i think in resveratrol)
or bionutrients bio response dim (also appears to be the market leader in dim)

Am i right in thinking diindolylmethane (dim) is the better for estrogen reduction?



Go to the store and the top of the page and check out Rez-V. If I remember correctly that is an estrogen reducer?

If you don't like that look at Alpha Male.....

I didn't look at your age or anything so you should take that into consideration before taking a test/horomone supplement


Just need to know which is the best resveratrol or dim, thought someone on this forum may know


Ask around various forums, maybe you'd get more help and not just a reference to the store here.


Try drinking three drops of milk once a day at 10:30am. The natural chemical properties of milk (carbon ring resonance) will lower estrogen and create an anabolic hypertrophy enviroment in your muscle tissue! You must do this from now on to create an anabolic hypertrophy enviroment.


How can u drink 3 drops of milk?


anime: please go into futher detail about that. It also looks like you pulled it from a site, could you post the link? thanks

Op: Ive used both, I get more out of DIM than Rez-V. I can actually feel a difference. There are some combo products as well like one that I am taking that has Vit-D, Calcium d-glucarate and DIM. There are some other really good estrodetoxifiers out there if youre interested.


I have no need for a source. You should just believe everything I say or you'll get skinny fat.


Your post was made at 10:30pm...



Thanks hips, after much reading i beleive dim to be better of the 2 at redeucing estrogen, which brand and type did you use and how long for effects?
i hear indoplex dim is the best and this comes in tablets that can be broke in half if need be.

3 drops of milk whats all that about!