Supps for Burning Fat

I’m currently bulking and I’ve gained 30 pounds in the past few months. Recently, I looked in the mirror, and realized I’ve become much, much fatter than I thought I had. I don’t plan on “cutting” until I reach 210 - 220 pounds but in the meantime I would want to know if there’s anything that can help me not put on as much fat while bulking, or GASP burn fat while bulking.

IMO cut down now and then re-evaluate why your bulk wasn’t lean enough. A week or a two week long cut is not that long in the scheme of things and will make cutting and bulking easier after it.

I’ve never cared for thermogenic fat burning supps, but I don’t have experience with proven ones like the ECA stack so hopefully others can answer about those. I do know green tea helps me bulks and cuts, ~4 cups of it a day lowers my appetite and helps me lean out.

I suppose you could always take Clen.

Moderately serious, but I do not condone the use of research chemicals for personal usage, of course.

Yea I’m considering lowering my calorie intake from 5000 to 3000 calories until December. That green tea thing isn’t a bad idea, I’m going to have to get some.

SSC, I’m not sure what that is but I was hoping for some supplement ideas that I could either get here or at

Two that I know of are Fairy Pixie Dust and a Magic Bullet.

Seriously, check your diet. Find your sweet spot where you can actually bulk with minimal fat gain, while retaining good recovery.

Or keep you current calorie intake and start some conditioning 2-4 times a week.

Carbolin 19 is a very good product.

And for the love of everything, do not cut your calories by 2000 overnight.

I’ve read good things about Carbolin 19, but I’m not sure what it does… You think you could explain what it actually does?

Obviously I don’t plan on just losing 2000 calories in one day. I’ve tried that before, it sucked.

egcg green tea extract pre workout helps a bit, HOT-ROX always seems to get solid feedback

Alright I may consider trying one of those out when I have some money haha

[quote]Peter Noto wrote:
… would want to know if there’s anything that can help me not put on as much fat while bulking…[/quote]

yeah its called not eating like a slob and doing a little cardio every once in a while. serious.