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Supps for a High School Team Athlete?


. In your guys opinion which supplements are critical for a high school Team athlete to have. I have about 100$ a month to spend on supplements

These are the supplements I take a regularly
multi vitamin
beta alanine
Whey protein

I was wondering if these supplements where worth a highschool kid who can afford some stuff but doesn't have loads of cash to spend on everything.
- Alpha GPC
- Rhodiola
- Surge Workout Fuel
- Surge Recovery
- Beta-7 ( Does it really matter if i buy my beta alanine cheap?)

I just want to have every advantage I can have over my competition.


If anything I would buy the Surge Recovery, if only to help recover between workouts/training/practice. But I would only buy it if I was feeling ragged and worn down from the workload. If that sounds like you, it might help.

Otherwise, Save your money and spend it on high quality food


My parents buy all the food though.


As long as your basic food is met (and you're eating well every few hours), stick to basics. Protein powder, Multi and Creatine.





I play HS football dude and the only supps i take are eating a shitnutton of food, BCAA's, Waximaze ( complex carbs ), weight gainer, advanced multi vits ( Animal pak), and then a pre workout to get a good pump on.


if soreness is a problem, you could give circumin a shot


The most honest answer is: it depends. Just telling to "eat right" is, IMHO, a bit too undifferentiated.

What are yours goals? What are your stats? How EXACTELY does your diet look?

Supplemets in one form or the other can always help. Maybe you have to eat whatever your mother cooks. Then some protein supps may be appropriate.
Maybe you try to gain weight: focus on peri-workout nutrition.
Maybe you suffer from a deficiency. Go supplement what you're missing.
Or you want to be more focussed during workouts/games/practice. That's again another story.

You have to be precise. Give us as much information as you can share and you'll get some good advice...


bf%: 8
1 rep maxes
Bench: 185lbs
Squat: 275lbs
Deadlift 350lbs but i haven't tested in a while could be quite a bit more

I'm trying to get to 185lbs by December
I lift three days a week 2 upper 1 lower
I will post what I eat for the next couple days
Sure who wouldn't want to be more focussed during workouts/games/practice.

I'm just wondering if the supplements will make a big difference to my total workload and how much power I can put out. If the Biotest supplements don't make a big difference then I won't waste my money on them


Fish oil and Glucosamine along with the protein. Those helped me in highschool with aches and pains, but I was a lineman and wrestled so I was beating myself up everyday.

What sport do you play?


Basketball so any supps that would give my a couple inches on my vertical like maybe Alpha-GPC would be great


All the products you've listed work well for me, but at your newbie level you'll get more benefit from focusing on your diet, learning how to eat to gain muscle.

Besides from supplemental protein to meet your daily needs if you fall short from food sources, save the supplements until you have more experience with how your body responds to training and nutrition.


Alpha-GPC has helped my training, but no supplement is going to add inches to your vertical.


Thanks for the reponses but maybe I just need to take it easy on the supplements I will take creatine a multi vitamin, protein and beta alanine sometimes. Thats all I don't want to turn out like jehovasfitness using so many supplements but making sub par progress.


Alright this is probably the best way to go


Dude, i highly recommend you buy a good BCAA brand and put that in there. Read up on it, it's amazing to add for young athletes such as ourselves.


Alright thanks my fellow Canadian I will do that


lol way to be a dick.


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