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Supps For 16 Yr Old?

Hey everyone.

So I am thinking of starting to take some supps from Biotest. I’ve never taken any supps before (although I do take a magnesium supplement regularly).

As the title says, I am 16 and before anyone asks, yes, my diet is taken care of. Calories and protein are no problem for me.

As for training, I am starting a simple program to seriously build up my strength on the main compound lifts (and get jacked, yo).

SO anyway, I decided that I will get 2 supplements to start me off.
Surge will definitely be one of them as my PWO stuff has been pretty bleh.

So finally the question I am asking is what should the second supplement be?
I was thinking either Flameout or should I take Power Drive instead?
What would you recommend?

Sorry for the huge post… I am just cautious because of my age (yeah… boo hoo) and my inexperience with them.

Thanks anyway.

Flameout, no doubt.

At your age, with the diet fine tuned and all, I would not worry about supplements.

But take Flameout if you wish, you won’t see much of a difference now, except perhaps a lower body fat percentage. However, if you lift heavy, Flameout taken now will definitely make a big difference 20 years later.
It sucks big time to be 35 and have the knees of a 75 years old.

I would also consider Grow! (the whey protein thing) - but that’s more food than supplement.


Mix it with your Surge.

Surge, Metabolic Drive, creatine and Flameout would be sensible things to include in your diet.

Thanks everyone.