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Supps, Diet- Where Do I Start?


I want to reduce my fat percentage (basically I want to see my abs). I have been working both Cardio and Free Weights and I have dieted from a caloric perspective. I use a Heart Rate Monitor that displays the amount of calories burned.

I usually burn between 1100 to 1500 kcals per work out. I also do cardio in the morning between 200 - 300 kcal's on a mountain bike rigged on a trainer. So I try to take in less calories than what I burn.

I have all the bulk I want but would like to cut/define what I have. But I realize I need to diet better... I need a plan. I started reading the Abs Diet but not sure if thats the right way to go.

I know I need supplements because I usually do late night work outs and basically I'm not feeding my body what it needs. I would like to work in Surge after workouts Metabolic Drive and Metabolic Drive Complete into my diet plan. I could really use some suggestion as to where I go from here!



Id look at T-Dawg 2.0 a great simple effective that includes you post w/o window etc.



First off, stop counting burned calories during the workout. Those monitors are inaccurate at best, and the amount you burn during the rest of the day is what's most important.

The diet is easy:

Eat every 3 hours or so, consisting of:
Quality protein source (beef,chicken,eggs,etc)
Vegetables and fruit (mostly veggies)
Fat source (nuts,cheese,coconut,etc.)
Add in protein drinks when you can't do a solid meal (more low carb Metabolic Drive in your case)
Surge at workout time
Starchy carbs ONLY after workout


Also check out the nutrition and diet articles written by Dr. Berardi on T-Nation.


Thanks guys for the suggestion!

Doug thanks for the advice, but what about the portions?
How much of each portion should go into a meal?
How many calories per meal or per day? I know these probably seem like rookie questions...but hey I'm a rookie!



Hey there shive,

try looking up:

precision nutrition

It is by Berardi, and it is good!