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Supps Before\After Surgery


I'm about to have surgery to get rid of my Gynecomastia (Puffy nipples). It's not from AAS use; nor is it just fat so it has to be surgically removed.

The doc gave me a list of supps\meds not to take before my surgery. On the list was Fish oil\flax seed oil. I'm assuming this is because it thins the blood. So I stopped taking my Flameout since my surgery is soon. However, do you think I should start taking it a week after the surgery? Won't it help reduce the inflammation, thus speeding up recovery? Or will it thin my blood and inhibit healing?

I won't be able to work out for about a month, but I plan on keeping my protein intake high and taking lots of BCAA's. Any other suggestions to minimize muscle loss?

Also, should I keep taking creatine and Beta-7 (btw will Beta-7 affect recovery in any way?) or is it pointless since I won't be working out?