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Supps and Bloat ?


Does anyone else ever get bloated from taking supps, not just creatine but also from bcaa's, preworkouts (like jack3d), etc ?


I can tell u this much, when we have clients that are leaning down many of them have to come off all pre-workouts... Some peop[le seem super sensitive to getting bloated from almost any supp...

the other side of the coin is one of our trainers sucks down weight gainers pre workouts & fast food & his bodyfat is still in single digits

we had a client that had his nutrition as on point as you can get it.... bodyfat% would not drop until he plucked out all pre-workouts, dropped from abou 12% to under 10% when he finally "broke the addiction"


im not sure i believe that unless the supps being used were full of carbs (sugars)

EDIT: unless for whatever reason it was affecting cortisol or something like that