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Suppression After 4-Week LGD and GW Cycle

Hello everyone.

I joined the site today after reading many many posts, opinions, experiences, and research from other people.

I recently stopped a 4 week cycle of lgd and gw at 10mg and 20mg a day respectively. I purchased them from a eu as I am based in Europe. All things considered, I could not come to the conclusion that there were better sources in the EU and from user posts they seemed legit. I stopped due to increasing doubts as to whether I was doing myself more harm than good by continuing as I found more and more negative reviews

I. Must say that while I was on, I had good strength gains, good endurance and visible improvements in physique.
I’ve been off for about a week, and again following much research I haven’t done a pct… Through it all, I’ve seen many say that pct is not needed and using serms may be more trouble than anything else… Others are for pct - mainly clomid.
In the mean time I’ve ordered a otc test booster/est blocker cannibal alpha pct. I have not seem to have lost strength in the gym, nor am particularly lethargic, but I imagine that a a bit of suppression has occurred and the only thing I am experiencing for now is weaker erections and weak loads with what seem to be slightly smaller testicles

Now, though some may say that the source isn’t legit, my question follows 2 outcomes:

1- that the lgd is legit. After only 4 weeks is a pct required and what is recommended in this situation if anything.

2-a bad scenario where the lgd is not legit and were actually prohormones. What is would be the best course of action here?

Again, many say that things pick up normally just fine after a period of time. Especially considering the fact I’ve only done 4 weeks. According to experienced users, is this accurate? My main concern is to understand whether recovery would occur naturally over time (weeks, a few months). However I am considering doing a pct if recommended. I do not have bloods… . Unfortunately… In hindsight…

Thank you

Hard to say definitively, but the best guess would be that yes, you’re suppressed, and yes, you’ll probably recover eventually. Suppression is not the same as shut down. While I’m a firm believer in pct, the reality is that you could probably get away with not using it in this very narrow, specific instance. You should order some Nolva (avoid Clomid if you can) and have it on hand. But without any baseline blood work, any idea of the legitimacy of what you took, and without any obvious signs of serious suppression, you may well be better off not taking anymore drugs.

The idea that SARMS aren’t suppressive needs to stop. This notion is causing many individuals to step into potentially damaging territory. If you’d read the available literature on selective androgen receptor modulators prior to using them, you’d see significant supression was noted (with LDG, but also ostarine) at a mere 0.3 mg/day, you’re using 10mg/day (a dose that hasn’t even been studied clinically therefore the safety of these doses are unknown). Whether it’s sarms, prohormones or designer steroids the result will be nearly identical, doses high enough they will shut off endogenous testosterone production.

You can either PCT or wait it out, chances are you will recover.

Graph on LGD and test levels

I don’t understand why and how people use these agents without researching them thoughouly, if I was to do this I’d have terrible anxiety about what I was using.

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I’ve done research on the compounds before using. I am aware that lgd and other sarms are suppressive… The issue was not that, so much as the fact that if I can’t trust the sources for the sarms, then how can I trust the source for the pct?

Of course when I purchased the product I had to read positive things and confirmed that it was a good source, but since then I’ve read many other opinions and experiences.

Therefore I am asking, if after only 4 weeks will o recover without pct. Whether it was real lgd or fake?

You will recover. It’s just a matter of how long it takes.

Thank you.

Is there any risk in using a 4 week pct in the eventuality that I don’t really need it?

Not really. Unless you get bad sides from the pct drugs. But that’s a risk with every drug.