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Suppressed Oregon Mall Shooting Info

None of the mass media told you about this of course
as it would be a ‘fly in the ointment’ to their gun control
agenda, and hide the fact that legally armed civilians can practice
self control in chaotic situations.
I’m suprised Fox News didn’t run with this for awhile, but nary a peep
from them either…crickets.


I’ll be honest, here. The reason this isn’t getting any play is that, as a story, it sucks. The outcome may have been the best outcome that could have happened, but because the guy didn’t take the shot, it’s not really compelling reading. Also it’s too easy to say that this guy is just taking credit for the shooter giving up when there is really no way of knowing if the shooter actually even realized he’d been drawn on. We pretty much just have Meli’s word it. Even the friend he was with was on the ground and probably unable to see what was going on.

Now, that said, I certainly do HOPE this is true. If it is, then Meli acted cooly and responsibly in a high-stress, life or death situation; and whatever the reason for the gunman’s final decision to turn his weapon on himself, Meli deserves a medal.

Millions of crimes are deterred or stopped by good people with legally-owned and -carried weapons each year. You will never hear about them from the media. There were two separate shootings this year in Aurora, CO. One was stopped by a citizen (criminal was killed) and the other was the one we all heard and read and heard about again. Even when Obama made his speech in Aurora, he didn’t mention that they had to endure two shootings in one year.

Kudos to Meli for awareness and restraint, for sure.

This is actual proof of a situation where a citizen nearby had a gun.

I would not make an opinion on one single incident, but it does make you consider what would happen when a shootout happens and someone with a gun nearby affects the outcome.

As Cortes intimated: a crime NOT happening makes for incredibly boring news/tv/internet copy. Sure, once in a while you get these really dramatic stories – like that WWII vet in his 90’s who shot the intruder, or the 18 year old mom with the infant who called 911 and asked if she can shoot.

But most stories where a gun is used defensively boil down to: gun drawn, criminal runs away.

You would be lucky if that makes page 30 of the Local Yokel Times-Herald, much less a TV news report.

So, at the end of the day, people who rely on casual television background noise (and the occasional poorly-phrased Google search) to define their gun policy are stridently calling for policy change based on total ignorance.

When I think of it that way, it makes the idea of a representative government seem like a REALLY bad idea.