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'Supposed' Pro Cycle


I don't know if this has been posted before, but I came across this and thought I would share, this Dorian Yate's supposed cycle:

week 1----2000mg test cyp---150mg dbol/a day
week 1----2000mg test cyp---150mg dbol/a day
week 2 ----3000mg test cyp---200mg dbol/a day
week 3-----4000mg test cyp---300mg dbol/day
week 4 -----5000mg test cyp---no dbol
week 5------3000mg test susp---200mg anadrol
week 6------4000mg test susp---300mg anadrol
week 7-------4000mg test susp---400mg anadrol
week 9-------10,000 iu hcg--800mg clomid
week10-------20,000iu hcg--1000mg clomid
week 11------4000mg test prop---100mg halotestin
week 12------4000mg test prop----200mg hal0
weel 13-------5000mg test prop----300mg halo
week 14-------3000mg test sus-----300mg halo----1000mg masterone
week 15-------4000mg test sus-----400mg halo----1000mg masterone
weekl 16-------10,000iu hcg---1000mg clomid
week 17--------20,000iu hcg---2000mg clomid
week 18--------30 ,000iu hcg---3000mg clomid
week 20---------2500mg test susp---1000mg of fina---
weel 21----------3500mg test susp--1500mg of fina
week 22----------4500mg test susp--20oomg of fina
week 23 ----------5000mg test susp---2500mg of fina
week 24 ----------1500mg test prop-----500mg anadrol
week 25-----------2500mg test prop-----500mg anadrol
week 26 -----------3500 mg test prop----300mg anadrol---1000mg masterone/day
week 27------------1500mg test susp-----200mg anadrol---200mg winng/day
week 29------------1500 mg test susp-----200mg anadrol---200 mg winny/day
week 30 ------------1500mg test susp------100mg anadrol---300mg winny/day

IF this is true... just wow


Lol? You post this just after Yates himself posted his cycle.. I wont mention where but its oh so easy to guess

Cycle is

Pre contest :
300mg test prop/week
152mg tren/week
500mg primo/week
50mg var/day
8ui gh

Offseason ;
750mg test
500mg deca


Obviously theres no way in the world anyone can know if that's true or not.

Might as well just say that Yates was running 20g of test per day just to see who can say the craziest thing. I just dont see the point of posting something that has no way of being corroborated.


^ This post has the signed, irrelevant, who-cares-for, Xilinx seal of approval.


I think you two are looking at the post with blinders on, focusing on whether or not it is actually Yates's cycle....agreed that really doesn't have a lot of merit...but I think there is something to be gained by discussing the pros and cons of the cycle, and whether or not it is actually even feasible...

That's my 2 pence


A discussion of whether it's feasible is best had by people with knowledge of the cycles that pro's use. A post was made about this by Dante. No one here (that posts with any sort of regularity) has a clue about what pro's are doing or had done 15+ years ago.

BBB is the closest thing we have, working with Zack Khan for rehab, but there's no reason at all for him to even consider giving out that sort of info, if he even knows to begin with.

But for diplomacy's sake. The merits of that cycle? 300 pounds of LBM. The cons? 300lbs of LBM with blood as thick as chocolate syrup and blood pressure high enough to move it.


3.5 grams of test suspension a week...really?

that would hurt like a fucking bitch..

this thread is bullshit


Its a joke really. Does anyone acutally think 50cc of prop per week is feasible? Come on


300mg of dbol a day lol

you would get crippling pumps brushing your teeth


this cycle is retarded.. There's no way Dorian or any pro used this cycle, 500mg a day of anadrol? come on


Dorian himself posted this on the forums on his website a while back (that is what i have read from anabolicminds or w/e the fuck the other forum was called)


There's a point of diminishing returns with any drug, beyond which increasing dose will intensify sides but not so much gains...this is pretty insane to me. I'm pretty sure a fraction of these doses would put most mortals in the hospital, maybe the psych ward. Then again, I'm nowhere a pro. 2g test/week is insane to me, let alone 5...but who's to say this isn't feasible. I can't afford to eat enough to justify these doses, let alone buy the drugs.

Unless I'm way off, you also only have so many hormone receptors in your body. I know they can upregulate and that there are other channels by which anabolism occurs, but still...there has to be some point at which your body just can't do anything with the extra hormones.


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So..Zack Khan uses only 1.3g? lol

What about insulin with this mystery 300 lber?


3 grams of clomid a day? they would be blind! lmao..

30,000iu of hcg a day? why bother? that dosage alone would desensitize the leydig cells to lh..

cycle was written by a troll


also how tall is he?


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You make some haste judgements in alot of your posts, Mr I-know-everything.

Like BONEZ said, there is no way we could ever know if this cycle was/is real or not unless you speak to the user himself. I have heard of pro's using massive amounts of drugs, I personally know a guy in my gym using up to 40ml of sustanon a week equating to 10g of test.


aren't you the guy who injected 3ml of fake gear into your delts?