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Supporting Information On Creatine


I recently asked about the creatine and Surge combo and now, before I can get it and start using it, my mother has something to say about it. She has always made sure that the stuff i take is allright. The reason she wants me to do so is that I have a family history of polysistic kidneys. I, however tell her that there is nothing wrong with taking the creatine and that I already take some in through the tuna I eat everyday (sometimes twice).

SO I need some kind of backing or info that would convince her to let me do so. I could probably just go ahead and order it, but this would probably put her mind at ease a little more.


Whenever I need any research to back up a claim I go to BMJ.com (or co.uk, can't remember) and look up the required info there in the archive section.

It can be a bit heavy though and your mum may or may not necessarily understand the scientific literature.

Alternatively you can try a PubMed for a similar articles.