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Support To Change AI Starting Protocol in Sticky


@Chris_Colucci any resolution? It’s close to unanimous to make the change.
Thank you.


I’m trying to give KSman the courtesy of defending his position, but it looks like he’s only been on the forum once since this thread started.

I’ll give it another little bit and then I’ll straighten the post out.


This post is gold.


My personal experience with this at 100mg test cypionate my E2 levels without any anastrozole came in at low normal 17, but my Test levels were a little low. But I was started out at 165mgs and hit 40 with .5mg of anastrozole a week. Of course one of the first effects of being on Test was weight loss.
Now I take 200mgs test and .25mg a week anastrozole

In other words our bodies change as our testosterone levels are kept high. Our needs change. I cant say I have helped this convo much by my pointing out that one size will never fit all. A starting point is needed, but blood tests are needed more. Among the pros I have seen that they do not agree with each other.

Start slow and work up is all I can say. 100mg test is low and I think safe. Arimidex might be more age and body fat dependent. 250iu HCG EOD seems to be a tested and close to agreed on.


All set.

Biggest changes:

"An Initial Protocol for Injections

  • 100mg test cypionate or enanthate per week, divided into two or more injections per week.
  • 250iu hCG subcutaneously EOD [every other day]"

Dropped the two paragraphs going in-depth about E2 and anastrozole.

“After the first 6-8 weeks of TRT use, get new bloodwork to assess its effectiveness and to determine whether or not any adjustments (changes in dosing, adding Arimidex/anastrozole, etc.) are necessary. Changes to your treatment should be influenced by the specific results seen - in bloodwork and in symptoms.”

“Lastly, be sure to complement your TRT with a well-designed training and nutrition plan. Without maximizing the benefits of diet and exercise, getting hormonally healthy is only a partial solution. Many simple and effective programs can be found on the site and you can get more specific training/diet advice throughout the T Nation forum.”