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Support Required for 1 Platform

Does anyone have any experience lifting on a platform NOT at ground level. i.e. can I plop a platform down in a 4th floor apt and be fine dropping the weight and all. Common sense would say its fine, but I’m wondering if anyone has any input on this.

Also, currently less than 300 lbs would be dropped, but hopefully over that number soon.

lol dunno man don’t think you neighbors would appreciate the missed snatch attempts.

Well the gym I go to has the platforms on the second floor. But I know they got the floor specially reinforced so it could take dropping the weights. My instinct would be that it is not the best idea!

If you do I would say you would at least have to find out where the load bearing points on the floor so you know the strongest areas!

guys… Irishmac was refering to the NOISE dropping the weights will make.

I don’t care how well reinforced your 4th level floor is, the guy on the 3rd floor won’t appreciate it one bit. And I am sure the landlord will have none of it either.

lol @ dropping 300lbs on a 4th floor!

DUDE your neighbours/ landlord WILL NOT BE PLEASED about it!



Just do it and let us know how it turns out!