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Support during tough times

Hi T-friends:
I can’t believe I am actually posting this, as I’ve never yet made a post to the off topic forum. And…I feel a bit awkward doing this, in light of my situation. But, over the past several months, the forum has really become a place not just where I gained a heckava lot of information, but aplace where I’ve begun to forge some meaningful communications with other t-people. Given that, I felt comfortable to share what’s going on here.
Up until a few weeks ago, I was a regular poster on the nutrition/training forum, but stopped posting recently… I resigned from a job that was incredibly stressful and have been dealing over the last few weeks with the effects of leaving a job. so, that is why I’ve not posted in a long time, and have lost touch with manypeople whom I began to get to know online. so, firstly an apology to those who might have wondered, “whatever happened to that guy?” And secondly, as I said before, I know the forum is more than just a place to exchange training information. it’s about creating community, for which I feel very grateful, and therefore, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped me in the last few months with my training and motivation…and to simply thank anybody who reads this posting here. Just being able to share my current situation with people who are as passionate and dedicated to fitness as I am, is very helpful and comforting. Thank you. It’s my hope that with this posting, I’ll regain the motivation to start back on the forum and into circulation again. I’ll close by just saying that I appreciate those on the forum whom I’ve started to get to know, and look forward to renewing those nascent friendships. With best regards, Lorne

Check out the Atomic Dogs in the back issues, they are funny and at times inspirational. I would recommend TC Luoma’s Speech to Graduates (both of them) and Chris Shugart’s I hear dead people. But most importantly keep lifting weights, which I feel are a panacea to almost all of man’s problems.

Lorne get back when you can we’ll all still be here. Nice to drop a line though that you are okay… though…


Just the other day I wondered where you’ve been. Good to hear that all is well. Despite the job factor - which I’m thinking is a good thing since the job you’ve just resigned from was highly stressful.

Keep training. Keep reading the forum. Also, in the meantime, do something that will be mentally stimulating, too. Yoga? Tai Chi? Visit that wonderful art museum you have there. Write something(s).

Keep us updated, dude!

Lorne, it takes a lot of guts to give up a job even though it is stressful. Without sounding like a cliche we all go thru tough times, it’s during the tough times that we learn about ourselves and can actually come out stronger. Sometimes when you are in the midst of it it seems like it’ll never end, but it can, you need to take control though not allow the situation to control you. Things probably will not change overnight but hang in there, stay in touch with friends and family and keep yourself active, not only for the physical benefits, this will help psycologically as well.

Good to hear from you, feel free to e-mail us any time, or even give us a call.