Supplimets to aid injury recovery.

I am currently laid off training due to antereior cruciate ligament damage in both my knees, this wasn’t caused by poor form in the gym but poor form while lifting at work.

Does anybody have any advise on what suppliments might aid recovery and maintain as much LBM as pos.

My diet is pretty sound and my suppliments are normally Biotest M, ZMA and BCAA,s. This does not include my MRP’s which are GROW!, Surge and Creatine during my bulking phase.

I have been reccomended Glutamin to aid recovery but reading recent reports it seems to provide no positives, but this has come from a normally good source.

So I thought I would check with the fellow T-mag readers to see if anybody uses or has used Glutamin and possibly reccomend other suppliments to aid recovery.

dh7, glutamine is an amino acid that’s useful for those with wasting diseases and gastrointestinal issues (Crohns, IBS, etc.). It’s actually useful for those who are trying to manipulate acid-base load (i.e., pH) to the positive (alkalinity). There are even those who believe it’s useful for recovery PWO.

However, for your situtation, I wouldn’t spend my money on glutamine. I’d probably stick with Glucosamine sulfate or HCl, MSM, a good multi and some extra Vitamin C, and maybe round it off with something like Wobenzyme, a good proteolytic enzyme complex that will help with protein turnover and suppress inflammation.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

I’ll ask ScottL to stop by and comment. He’s really smart when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Hi dh7,

TT PMed me and I’m glad to help. If you PM with your e-mail address, I’ll forward you some information that you may find helpful.


I beleive there is some research on copper sulphate supplmentation for horses to repair ligaments …but I know there is very little reaserch on humans in this regard.