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Suppliments for women

I have been able to help my wife lose close to 9 pounds and 1.5% bodyfat over the last 6 weeks by increasing the resistance portion of her workouts and changing her diet. She has increased her protein intake, replaced the bad carbs with good carbs (lots of veggies/fruits) as well as cutting back on the crap fats and replacing them with fish oil and flax. As well I have her eating at least 6 times a day. I have been able to actually get her to drink 2 protein drinks a day. We are getting close to the next stage where I will talk to her about P+C meals and P+F meals.

I know that methoxy 7 has been suggested as a great fat loss suppliment for women to use. I have searched for and been unable to find any article at T-mag that specifically talk about the use of this suppliment by women. Can sombody point me in the direction of any articles on its use by women or relate any personal experiences with this suppliment. My wife is hesitent to make use of suppliments that at first glance might appear to be “out in left field” so I would like to be able to set her hesitent mind at ease. Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated.

Methoxy 7 isn’t being made right now. They’re supposed to be improving it. Anyway, I think Hot-Rox would be better for her with her goals.

If you get her diet in order and locked down then you could introduce a fat loss supplement if you feel its necessary to accelerate fat loss. If you feel that her diet is where she needs it to be, to lose fat and keep her LBM, then add the fat loss supplement. The last thing you want her to do is become reliant on it and continue a not so great diet. Make sure she’s also taking a Multi designed for women. If all of those things are in check and you’re looking for a fat loss supplement I highly recommend Hot Rox. It’s completely safe for women to use. I’m always hesitant at claims companys make but I must say I’m beyond impressed with Hot Rox.

It sounds as if you’re on the right track. Why don’t you give PC and PF a try before deciding if you need a supplement. PC/PF eating is very effective.