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Suppliment Round-Up: Muscle Mass 1

In the suppliment round-up article in the paper mag, Muscle Mass Stack 1 is 4-ad-ec, Myostat, Methoxy, and M.

My question is that I have some tribex, but no Myostat and would like to substitute the two, any problem with this?

As I understand it, Tribex is often used after a Mag-10 cycle, not during, to help get the nads working again. However, since 4-ad-ec doesn’t bind to the AR, then endocrine recovery shouldn’t be an issue after the 4-ad-ec cycle, correct?

Any thoughts on a 4-ad-ec, tribex, and M stack? Or is there a benefit to sticking with the 4-ad-ec by itself and then doing the tribex and M?

Any thoughts, opinions or suggestions are appreciated.

I think the jury is still out on myostat although it is to be used for long periods of time to see the effects, so for cycles, it would be no big deal to leave it out of the stack. As for adding in tribex, it really depends on what your next stack looks like. For instance, if you don’t have a plan for your next cycle or it will be about 4 weeks later, then adding tribex to the mix would be fine. But if you plan to go into say a mag-10 cycle, I would hold off until after that. 4-ad-ec is a major component in mag-10 but can be used for long periods of time see t-mags “the never ending cycle” it gives good details.

Guru X

Gurux thanks for the reply. My plan was to do a double dose of 4-ad-ec for 4 weeks and follow that up with tribex and M with nothing else planned after that.

However, when I saw the Muscle Mass stack that has M and 4-ad-ec used at the same time, I started thinking that maybe I should combine it with the tribex I have as well.

Anyway, thanks fo the advice, I’m just trying to think of the best way to maximize my gains with the 4-ad-ec.

I’ll be starting a 10-week cycle of 4ADEC followed by 2 weeks of Tribex and M. I contacted Cy Wilson about this, and he recommended it as well. You should be fine.

Thanks Nate. I’m interested to hear how your 10 week cycle works. Compared to Mag-10, there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of feedback on 4-ad-ec. I used it once before and gained 5 pounds of lbm. If anyone else has results or feedback on 4-ad-ec I’d be interested in hearing it as well.

i used 4-ad-ac during my Hot Rox challenge, but at only one dose a day while I was eating 50% normal cal. intake.I was only looking at protecting LBM. Over 10wks i lost 13lbs of fat and only 1.5 lbs of LM.

Guru X

Please post your progress. I have to wait until July before I can do a Mag-10, M/Tribex cycle. I’ll be looking for your posts.

I definitely will and hope others do too. There is a whole feedback section for Mag-10 at the Biotest store, but nothing for 4adec. I’d like to bring the “little brother” out of the shadows of Mag-10 because I think it is capable of being so versatile, yet seems to be one of Biotest’s most underrated suppliments.

Put Methoxy-7 in there somewhere! It’s just too good! So far I’ve used Mag-10, 4-ad-ec and Methoxy-7. Mag-10 actually did not yield major mass gains for me, but it did help with strength gains/ 4-ad-ec seemed to be more effective in preserving LBM while Methoxy-7 has produced the largest increase in hard mass so far for me. It was not nearly as powerful for strength gains as Mag-10 but over-all gains were ideal. I would actually look into using Methoxy-7 and Mag-10 together on a massive eating protocal and 4-ad-ec/Methoxy-7 on something like steroid dieting for longer periods of time.

I like 4-AD-EC a lot. I think that while it may not be as powerful as MAG-10, it is certainly powerful enough to do most anything you want with, and it costs less. Also, of course, there are no suppression issues to deal with.

As for the original question, I think that you can probably leave Myostat out of the mix without worrying. There is the long-term aspect mentioned above, and beyond that I personally haven’t really found that I experienced any gains that couldn’t be explained in other ways when I was on it.

That said, I’m currently giving it a second try just to make sure. But your stack should give you excellent results regardless of whether you have Myostat in the mix or not.