Suppliment choice

My brother has decided it’s time for him to delve into the wonderful world of Bio-Test suppliments. He’s currently trying to decide what to use and I figured I’d ask for some input since I’m certain people will have different opinions to me. Anyway here’s some info on my brother:

22 years old
165 lbs
~5% BF
Training and eating everything in sight for about a year now. His weight is up about 25 lbs in the last two years. He’s one of those ectomorphs who’s body doesn’t seem to know what adipose tissue is, let alone how to develope it.

Anyway we’re Canadian so here’s what he’s looking at since we’re a little limited:

Methoxy 7

I’ve got my own opinions about what he should pick up but I’d be interested to hear from the crowd. Thanks.


Funny, I’m also Canadian and I’ve got a few bottles of Mag-10 in the cupboard. Depending on where you live it isn’t that hard to get the stuff across the boarder. Some stores even have it under the counter if you ask.

But, out of all those supps I’d go with M and Surge (even though you didn’t list it).

Grow! and Surge. The other stuff won’t help much to gain mass at this point and time. He needs to eat more (check the skinny bastard diet plan by Cy Wilson on T-mag) and take into account his post-workout nutrition.

I forgot to mention that my brother is allergic to milk and dairy products so that knocks every protein powder out there out of the running for him.

In terms of eating more believe me that’s not an issue (I’ve read the articles so I know everyone likes to say this). We’ve tracked his calories for a couple of weeks and he’s at 5000-6000 per day. He’s taking in at least 200g of protein per day and usually closer to 250-300g. He practically lives on John Berardi’s web site when he’s on the net so he knows what to do and is doing it. The diet isn’t the problem and he’s been making decent gains for the last year, but like everyone he wants more faster.


ps. We live in Alberta so I’ve heard that Mag 10 won’t make it across the border.

In that case, a good whey isolate? Can he tolerate that? Eclipse and EAS both offer a good isolate. Surge should still do nicely, I would think.

Nope to the Whey Isolate. That would involve a trip to the hospital if things went badly or at the very least a worshipping of the porcelan god. Anything with Whey or Lactose will not go well, not well at all. Like I said, he does eat, oh lord does the boy eat. Still, he’s determined that he’s going with one of the listed suppliments and I would appreciate input on those specifically Thanks for the suggestions though, I’ll look into the surge.


I would maybe consider Powerdrive over Myostat. More immediate benefits and much more affordable. He’ll never have a bad workout again!