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Suppliers for PL Friendly Home Gym


I'm looking to get a home setup going and clearly elitefts seems to carry the best gear, but honestly I can't afford to shop only from them. I will get an elitefts powercage, GHR, and perhaps a Reverse-Hyper because I really like their cages and you can't get a quality GHR or RH elsewhere, but where else would you guys reccomend checking out that sells trusted equipt. but is perhaps a little less pricey. Thanks


Jessup Gym usually has a running special on eBay for 500lbs plates/dumbbells for 175 bucks but you have to live close to one of their warehouses.

Check eBay and Craigslist a lot and if there is a play it again sports also you can find some used shit cheap.

rusty 45's still weight 45lbs...

Good luck, home gym was the best decision I made training-wise.


Try newyorkbarbells.com

They seem to have ALOT of cool, top of the line equipment that wont eat that big of a hole in your wallet.


Higher quality and PL specific: elitefts.com
For strongman/grip related, or just odd lifting/specialty bars: Ironmind.com


also, what else could you need other than a efs powercage, ghr, and reverse hyper?


For chains I found a crane company in town, $65 for 2 5' lengths of 5/8" chain. Craiglist is the best place for weight, if you don't mind mix & match. I made my own 2/3/4 boards for benching.


I mixed and matched when i built my home gym. I had a welder build my rack to my design, it cost me $350 compared to over $1000 for most commercially made. Had my bench custom made, cost me $250. Bought my plates from NYBarbells.com, drove up there (5 hours) and picked them up, cost less than shipping.

Also got an ab board, hyper, and standalone bench there. Hunted internet sales for a supported row and a cable pulldown. Got the Texas power bar from EliteFTS, and rubber floor mats from Central Tractor.

Bought the dumbells at dicks, price was the same everywhere, and got plate and dumbell racks at Wal-Mart, they work fine.

Whatever you do, don't get a deadlift jack from new york barbell. Its junk. Spend the extra and get a Forza, its worth your time.

For commercial racks, you could also check out fortified iron, they have some stuff they are now selling.

PM me if you need assistance.


I bought the GHR from NYBB for like $250 with free shipping and it has been great for me.


how about plates, bars, and dummbells for a start...


no shit? and here i was thinking the squat rack was just for hanging clothes on.

unless your buying specialty bars (in which case your going to have to dish out the dough), this should run you more than a few hundred for a few hundred lbs, and you can get it anywhere. The poster was asking for powerlifting equipment, I'd hope he knows where to buy a bar.


Is your New York Barbell GHR this one?


I've been curious about this for a while.