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Supplied in UK

Hi, I wanted to order some Tribex , but i just wanted to know if i can order this from uk London. Or are there any places in london uk I can get Tribex?
Is this possible?


Give us a call at Workout World London, 020 7925 0211, or check our website www.workoutworld.uk.com. We have had the new Tribex 500 formula for a couple of weeks now, and stock the full range of Biotest stuff, including John Berardi’s SURGE and the newly-formulated MD6.

Hi Scott, remember me? How’s it going mate?

Actually Sam, you can find the Biotest range at cyberflex.co.uk They have the best prices in the UK. Check them out.

I recently bought some biotest products from www.genn.co.uk - and shipped to Ireland. Found their service good.