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ok I have been searching on here and reading articles and as well as many other sites. I am lost when it comes to supplements. There is a ton out there and I don’t know where to start.

I am looking at Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein. It has a bunch of other stuff in it which most I have no clue about. I would like some advice on a good not too expensive creatine.

Now as for the rest of the stuff I am really lost. I dont need any extra testosterone just some suppliments to bulk up.

If you could point me in a direction of the nutrients needed for optimum growth. The other question I had is in august I rake blueberries which is very hard work. I work like 10 to 12 hours a day raking and lifting 100 pounds and then stacking it 500 or 600 feet away, up hill over rocks. I lift well over 2500 to 3000 pounds of blueberries in a day, everyday for three weeks. Now i hear all this about taking breaks with days in between. I raked everyday and I was sore and it hurt but after a couples hours you go numb.

I want to know why everyone says to take breaks in between. I got big after 3 weeks. I am not as big now but I can tear it up and love doing it. I would be the smaller guy in the gym going crazy on the machines.

I just started working out at the gym cause I lost so much muscle since august. I dont eat well at all and I know I gotta get better at that. I also enjoy bicycling and occasionally beating on my heavy bag.

I have heard that that kind of exercise will take away from your muscles? I am 6ft 190 pounds. 7 inch wrists 16 inch bicep ??? i wanted to know if i may have some of those nice genes, good frame?. I did wonder when I raked blueberries how I could out perform anyone, and just tear it up im not big but I got a monster of aggression.

I know its long but mainly I need to know the main supplements that are gonna help me and what kind of potential I have. I have not spent more then ten hours in a gym in my life. Any advice would help. my pic is down

If you are starting out, what you really need is a good workout and good nutrition. Just keep reading.

Also, really, why don’t you pick up some Grow! or Low-Carb Grow!? Most of us around here swear by it – it tastes great and has a great protein profile.

Click the big STORE graphic and read up on the supplements there from time to time as you are implementing the good workout and good nutrition suggested above.

here its me

Food is the most anabolic supplement there is!

Get your diet in check,then add supplements.