I have a question for anyone who may have information.

Has anyone had any effects from taking Myostat? I have rarely read of any posts asking or answering this question.
Has any of the Biotest staff…who may have unlimited access to Myostat; reported any gains with the use of the agent?


I’m happy with what I’ve gotten from Myostat. It’s not going to make you blow up like MAG-10, though. I had to use it consistently to see results over time. I’ve had people tell me that they notice the effects most in the lagging body parts and I’ve noticed the same. It seemed to unlock whatever was keeping my calves from growing.

I’ve also wondered if it works, don’t know of anyone taking it.

Is there any studies on the supplement.

Here’s one study:

I think most people who are not at a genetic peak in development are better off buying other supplements: MAG-10 for example. More bang for the buck and near-immediate gratification.

I took it for two months and did not notice anything. I know you are suppose to be patient and the results will come with it, but it was just too expensive for me to be patient. Sorry Biotest.

I tried it for six months and noticed nothing that I couldn’t put down to other training stimuli.

Biotest has had an excellent track record with its supps: I’ve used Tribex, Methoxy, all the prohormones, Grow!, Surge MD-6 and HOT-ROX to good effect over the years. But I think that Myostat is a miss. No one I know who’s opinion I trust has used it and reported anything from it.

The only thing I noticed is when I did a Mag 10 cycle I used myostat with it. THe muscle I put on stayed even though I didn’t use tribex, m or anything of that nature. When I did that in the past without myostat, I lost some of the muscle. So maybe it was just a fluke, so who knows.

I’m a fan of Biotest stuff.
The stand outs for me are hot rox and 4AD.
PowerDrive, Surge, Grow and Tribex are also good.
I can’t say I noticed Methoxy or Myostat.

I had result simular to Char-dawg. I took the product for 6 months and saw nothing noticable. I didn’t ask for a refund due to Biotest’s otherwise excellent products. If it was any other company I would have gone after a refund.

BTW- I beleive I am close to my gentic potential.

I took it for 3 months and noticed nothing.

T-mag and Biotest are awesome… but Myostat is absolutely worthless. I took it for 5 months straight with nothing to show for it. Methoxy seemed to give a possible placebo hardening effect that didn’t last long and was therefore deemed in the same category as Myostat for me. Their other products are great though!

I took Myostat for 8 months. Didn’t see any results that couldn’t be attributed to routine training. Cost doesn’t seem to justify results.
If you want bang for your buck, stick to Mag-10.

Because I started taking it shortly after I started paying attention to TMag’s advice on diet and working out, I cannot say for certain how much progress I can ascribe to Myostat alone. But I HAVE taken it pretty regularly for over a year now, and the development of “mature-looking” muscle in the past year has caused family and friends to take notice. Given other factors, I really think that Myostat has helped me as part of the “total plan.” I just got 4 bottles at the Superstore.

“The Beast” used it for his transformation. Wonder what HE thinks?

I have to disagree about the negative feedback on Methoxy. I gained about 10lbs of muscle in three months while supplementing Methoxy. I had several people make comments about how big I was getting and how ripped I looked.

No comment on Myostat because I have not tried it. Seems to not be a fan favorite.

which is it Josh99gb,do you like it or not???

Josh99gb 10/02/03 08:18 Michigan, USA
Mag-10 works great. The new capsules are even better, but if you want to save some money has the old stuff for 50 dollars. Read the Mag-10 Plan for Success Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Josh99gb 10/02/03 08:18 Michigan, USA
I’ve tried both and it is hard for me to distinguish between the two. I love both, but could not tell much of a difference between them other than the convenience of the capsules. When I took the liquid I didn’t have my diet dialed in as well as I did with the capsules so I gained more quality muscle with the capsules. They both work very well, and the capsules are great for split dosing. During my cycles I did mostly hypertrophy training and I did everything twice a week. I can attribute at least 15 pounds to Mag-10. Any questions just ask.

Josh99gb 10/02/03 08:18 Michigan, USA
The t-mag article #272 “Something bad this way comes” has testomonials from steroid users about mag-10. You can take it as just propaganda, but I personally trust Biotest and think it is factual. I have never taken steroids, only mag, so I cannot comment persoanlly.

Josh99gb 10/02/03 08:18 Michigan, USA
I took it for two months and did not notice anything. I know you are suppose to be patient and the results will come with it, but it was just too expensive for me to be patient. Sorry Biotest


Hrmmmm, if you look at Josh’s posts that you quoted and read his post above you’ll see that he’s talking about 2 different supplements.

In one post he’s talking about having taken Myostat for two months and not noticing anything, read above.

In the other posts you quoted, he’s talking about mag-10, which he seems to like.

Just so you know, Myostat and Mag10 are two different supplements… but hey that is kind of cool the way you probably dug for a long time to prove absolutely nothing : )

For my own input, I love mag10 and see immediate results with it, but have never tried Myostat.

my bad

i thought it was weird that he liked something one day and didn’t like it the next.

guess i was a little sleepy and misread.

my apologies josh.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to write back and post feedback on the Myostat. Like many of you…I love the rest of the Biotest line and have made gains from most of the products…from Mag10 to even Methoxy. Of course…no protein powder comes close to Grow! in taste. And the HOTROX is a for sure deal. I did use Myostat for over six months and didn’t seem to get anything from it. Just wanted to confirm with others before I gave up on it altogether. Thanks!!