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Hey t-men! Well i got a question for ya. See I’m a 16 year old sophmore in highschool and very athletic. The only problem is that im a diabetic and its hard for me to gain weight. I asked my doctor about using creatine but she said thats a bad idea so do you guys have any other good supplements that would be good for a diabetic with out getting me sick. thanks write back


Can I be very frank with you? These kind of posts upset me. It’s not the question or your sincere desire to better yourself…that’s very admirable. Rather, it’s the fact that you’re only 16 and you want to spend money on supplements! Now, I’m not your parent or anything, but your hormone levels haven’t even reached their peak yet and you want to burn extra money on supps? FORGET IT!!! Trust me, put your money in your bank account, save it for college and girlfriends and having some fun, and concentrate on good nutrition for now. That means getting quality protein, complex carbs and healthy fats, and maybe a multi vitamin/mineral supp for good insurance. After you’ve trained hard for your particular wants and needs and have your basic nutrition habits aligned, then, when you’re like 20 years old, and maybe have extra money to burn, experiment with supplements. Hell, by then, who knows what kind of awesome products will be out! My two cents…

why does your doctor think that taking creatine would be a bad idea? i would not see anything wrong with the creatine itself other than the fact that some creatine mixes contain sugars that deliberately spike your insulin levels for the better absorbtion of the creatine. i would avoid those. there are many non-prohormonal products that you could take to accomplish your goals. your best bet would just be whey/casein protein blend. if you want to gain weight, the best way is to eat, eat, eat. consume enough protein, lift weights if you aren’t already. good luck.

At your age, I’d suggest you just stick with something like protein powder and/or an MRP. Of coarse, run any potential supplement use by your doctor first.

Hey, nothing wrong with being sixteen and wanting some mass. Here’s a valuable advice. Any bodybuilding will confirm this. Supplements will not make you big, they really won’t. Food will make you grow, real food. Spend your money on red meat, eggs, chicken and fish. Read a little bit on how to split your meals into at least six meals a day and work out…hard. Seriously, supplements are a bunch of balony, exept for maybe the MRP’s and the some post workout drinks. good luck!

Got to agree with the others, eat. To that end, here are my favorite, low cost “supplements.”
Peanut butter - buy the biggest jar you can find
Whole wheat bread.
Whole milk
Starkist White Albacore
A good multi-vitamin and mineral.

Eat three squares a day. Have two snacks - one of the albacore (however you like to eat it, I prefer smothered in mayo) and one of two pieces of whole wheat smothered in P.B. w/ a glass of milk.

Lift heavy, eat like that for 12 weeks. If that’s not enough to gain weight, then you might want to purchase a protien powder and add a shake.

And this is from a guy who remembers what its like to be 16 and wanting to be huge NOW. I wasted tons of money on supplements back then. Hopefully, you won’t do the same.

Listen to maclar and the others. Your eating habits should be your first priority. I’m sure you’re not eating quite the way you should. Eat lots of good food. If you have the extra money burning a hole in our pocket, then spend it on a multi-vitamin, ZMA, Vit C and a good MRP like Grow!

I have tried various supplements through the years, and sure some have helped a little. But for the most part, it was proper nutrition that was the real key. In fact, even though I eat well and eat clean, I’ve finally realized that I’m not getting enough protein. So I’ve had to go back to the drawing board and figure out where to put in extra protein, or what to take out of my diet and replace with higher protein foods.

Food is your supplement. It will make you or break you. It will help you gain mass or lose fat. Stick to the basics! I have to keep reminding myself of this all the time. It will work if you do it right! Good luck.