what do y’all guys think are the basic supplements that need to be taken?

Well I’d say, oh I don’t know, start out with…

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food, surge, fish oil

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  1. Multivitamin (and extra vitamins B, C and E).

  2. Fish Oil caps

  3. ZMA

  4. Protein powders

  5. Post-workout shakes

Above all, you need a good diet plan that encompasses plenty of lean meats and other protein sources, vegetables, fruit and some other good carb sources (oatmeal, whole-grain bread, brown rice), along with healthy fats.

Nate Diggity, you and I both know–as do the our brethren–that protein powders (i.e. Low-Carb Grow!) are food!

When you break it all down, the protein from Grow! is the same as from a chicken breast (despite the difference in amino acid content).

Don’t fall into the trap of the lay public and most of the medical community that protein powders are bad. As a matter of fact, if you’ve tried low-carb Grow!, then you know that protein powders can be downright mmmm good!

first diet and training…


2)protien powder

3)postworkout drink

  1. flax\fish oil

You and I know this! That’s why I always include it when making supplement and food recommendations. Food is the key, along with basic supplementation. You can’t neglect the basic stuff and rely on MAG-10 or HOT ROX to make up for what your diet is lacking.

You know I’m all about eating healthy and that means plenty of protein (food and powder sources) as well as the veggies, fruit and healthy fats.

The rice, bread and pasta can be used on occasion, and depending on how well you tolerate them and whether you are dieting or not!

Flintstone vitamins

They taste good!

And they have almost the same amounts of vitamins and minerals as other brands. Just take 2-6 each day, and you’re good to go!

I ate Wilma and Betty. Pebbles was good too.

Sleep, food, oxygen, water are all good. A little T&A helps get you through, as well.

Right on, Nate Dogg!

Now, Nate Diggity and G-Berg, you know you guys are going to get some peeps asking about kcal and carbohydrate content in the Flinstone vitamins!

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oh, um, some1 told me soemthing about vitamins and protein or some crap once. definetely go for the first option though.

What makes of fish-oils do people recommend? I’ve been using Udo’s for a while and I want to make the switch. Are there any tolerable bulk (liquid) type or should I just switch to capsules?

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Read Chris Shugarts excellent article: “Dawg School : Basic Training for Beginners
The Bodybuilder’s Hierarchy of Needs” - which can be found here:

And you’ll understand why I answer with: food first. Supplements later.

E McKee:
One of the best fish oil supplements I’ve found is a product called Coromega. It comes in foil packets (like ketchup), and has a nice “orange” flavor. Available online, and at health food stores. I noticed that Chad Waterbury recommends this brand on his website as well. I’ve been using it for about 1-1/2 years. It’s my understanding that fish oils can denature in capsule form.

I use Member’s Mark vitamins, minerals and fish oil caps. You can buy them at Sam’s Club. I believe John Berardi said they were a good brand (high quality and affordable), and there are others as well.

Hey, when is Biotest going to make a good multivitamin like USANA has, but even better? I’d be down with that. And weren’t they talking about making fish oil caps too?

Now repeat after us…

Get your diet straight first!

Once you’re on the straight and narrow with that, then and only then you can start to think about what supplements to take.

Supplement: Something that conmpletes or makes an addition.

End of story :slight_smile: