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What’s the popular consensus on Omega-6’s (should supplementing be avoided) and CLA. I’m trying to build mass but also want to lose fat or get cut up if you will. Should I drop the Xenadrine and CLA during the bulking phase then use them to trim down? I’m a newbie if you cant tell. Any help would be useful. I’m using the Chanko diet and the Growth Surge workout. Any help would be greatly apreciated

Definitely drop the Xenadrine if you’re trying to bulk. While I don’t see a problem with using CLA, there are some differences of opinion on whether or not this stuff works.

I don’t know what that Xena stuff is, but if it’s a stimulant, definitely drop it! You can do enough damage to your body in a workout session without a stim, and if you use a stim you could do more than you can heal in the two days needed. On the other hand, I think that CLA is supposed to work best once it’s integrated into the fat cells. For this reason, it would probably be best to take it during a bulking phase. I’m not 100% on the science of it, but that’s what I’ve heard. I’ve never used the stuff myself.

You’d probably be better off using ALA instead of CLA. I think that ALA should be taken before CLA. If you have money for both, go for it, but then it will be hard to tell which one is working.

I would avoid supplementing with Omega 6’s. There are plenty enough in commercial meat. Too much in fact, since most are grain-fed. You will want to supplement with Omega 3’s to balance out the 6’s you already get (I am making some assumptions about your diet here… i.e. not vegan or extremely low-fat). This isn’t to say, though, that you should avoid any supplemental oils that have 6’s in them. Udo’s Oil, for example, has a ratio of 1:1 in Omega 6 to Omega 3s (I think). That’s fine; you just don’t want a bunch of 6’s with no 3’s.

Tyler, or anyone else in the thread, have you tried that Udo’s oil that is raved about in T-Mag? Does it taste like garbage or is it something I may actually want to season a salad with or something? Thanks

I haven’t had it for a long time, but I don’t remember it tasting any worse than flax oil. Some people think flax tastes like ass, but I don’t mind it too much. Has a nutty flavor and works fine for me in shakes or salad dressings.

If you’re talking about the Udo’s Perfect Blend, then it tastes like garbage. It’s tolerable, but I don’t know if I would throw it on a salad. I usually just swig a tablespoon and pound some water immediately after.

BTW, I am pretty sure the ratio of 3's to 6's is 2:1 for the product, not 1:1.

I went to the vitamin cottage and got UDO’s perfect blend in a pill form in the back in the cooled section. I can’t say how bad it tastes since I can take em without worrying about it :slight_smile: