Hello everyone. I’m currently looking at the various “new” supplements currently on the market. In order to make sure I don’t miss any, I’d like anyone who has questions on any of these supplements to give me the name and if possible, ingredients. I’m going to take a look at a lot of these new supplements purported to increase gains and/or decrease fat mass or that have any other application to bodybuilding and get the real scoop in terms of scientific and real world experiences. E-mail me at Thanks.

Cy, let me know what you think about “Sports One” new “cyclo-methoxy”? Each lozenge contains 20mg methoxy and 8mg of ipriflavone. Their literature states “it can magnify absorption effect of these 2 compounds as much as 10x over oral capsules”. Look how insignificant the amounts of the compounds methoxy/ipriflavone are used. Is this amount considering absorption even going to have any effect in the body? Let me know what ya think? Thanks!

A new product called OXYDRENE(Crenulin-RCC) by Klein-Becker USA. It’s packaged in a pharmaceutical looking box, nice marketing ploy. It contains a 500mg proprietary blend of Sedum Crenulata Root, Hippophae Fruit, and Fructus Lychii Chinensis Fruit. Dosage is 2 capsules twice a day between meals. Keep me posted.

I’d really like to know the truth about thsoe “carb-cutter” capsules that claim to block carbohydrate storage as fat.

Our Crenulin-RCC product is crap.

Well, without getting into too much detail, I’ll say that “carb cutters” aren’t absolutely worthless, but they aren’t as great as the companies are touting them to be. The active ingredient may reduce and slow absorption of starchy foods via amylase inhibition. However, this wouldn’t negate the effects of eating your weight in starch, as some companies are practically claiming.
Crenulin’s ingredients are rather limited in their direct use as bodybuilding supplements and I wouldn’t use them. If any other questions should arise, feel free to e-mail me.

Cy–check out NEXUS fat burning protein and VPX sports line of PARADECA and and their other products. They claim-“drug like gains”

How about stuff like Endurox, and it’s derivatives (the R4 and excel products by them). They contain an herb called “ciwija”, which supposedly “burns up to 43% more fat”.
Could something like this be used in conjunction with MD6?

what about chitosan??? any truth to it?

Chitosan has very little effect. In fact, it’s more likely to block absorption of essential fats and vitamin E, than to block saturated fats. I have used it on occasion for certain “cheat meals”, but I probably get more benefit from the fiber properties than from the fat-blocking properties.

Oh, and to whoever asked about “Paradeca”. T-mag has addressed that one on several occasions. Search for “paradeca” or “decavar”.

Now, Cy, this isn’t exactly real new, but its the only MRP I’ve seen that utilizes probiotic technology as well as preserving fractions, like lactoferrin. Its the “Dorian Yates Approved Pro Peptide MR.”

Muscle milk?? If nothin else it’s pretty damn yummy!

Cy, I do share the same interest with BoogaBrain on the Dorian Yates Approved Propeptide and ProMR. Their marketing schemes claim that they do contain the highest amount of Lactoferrin compared to other proteins, but their labels don’t list at what percentage. Also, their labels don’t list how many probiotic bacterial cells are included in each serving. Although I may be unsure of their label claims, I still have some trust in Dorian’s products because Brian Batcholder was involved in his company.

hey Cy,

i appreciate you doing this for everyone. here’s one that i’d like to know about: bovine serum. any possibility of it producing greater muscle gains? thanks,


Has anyone seen the ads for VPX Sports? These guys are incredible. Their claims actually state they will work better than real gear and ones “testicles” will become fuller or some such bullcrap. They also have a product claiming to get you high and compares to Nubain. What the hell is the FDA doing about these jokesters. This has got to be the worst supplement claims I have ever seen!

How about 17-Keto-Roid by Pac Research? Label makes the claim of a natural pro-testosterone booster. Each serving contains 100mg of Ketostendiol, a proprietary blend of Proteic Embrio Extract, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Silica, and Starch. Label also states, “17 Ketosteroid sulfates are adrenal hormones that have reflected repair and recovery in the body. Ketostendiol has been shown in studies done in Bucharest to act as a natural testosterone booster, a mild stimulant and anti depressant, improves libido and erectile function, spermatogenesis, and other aspects of sexual function in men and women. In addition research has shown the product improves sleep and promotes weight loss.” I posted a question a couple of months ago regarding this product with no response.

I realize this isn’t exactly “new” either, but what about colostrum?

Thanks for the replies everyone. I’ll be reporting on a number of them as well as a few others. I’ll be extremely busy for the next week, so if anyone wants to reach me, I suggest you e-mail me, as I don’t check the board as much as I’d like to. I will say that propylparaben may be estrogenic and 1,4 androstadienedione itself would have to be anabolic in order for it to be effective, as 17BHD won’t allow for that high of a conversion rate. This is why 4-AD is thought to be anabolic itself.