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Hi everyone,
Has anybody had any dealings with Herbal Life products? I have just come from a seminar i England where they are recruiting distributors.The claims they make for their fat loss products are amazing! 27 lbs in 3 weeks and their protein foods are supposed to help you to loose the fat and gain muscle mass at a fantastic rate.
The protein shake is called Formula 1 and the fat buster is Formula 2.They also claim to have a pill that you can take at night and whenyou get up in the morning you have lost weight.I challenged them about this. I asked where the fat had gone? was it in a heap at the side of the bed? I was told that it raises the metabolism and thats how it works.
Another tablet they are promoting for “breathing” is Schizandra plus and this is supposed to contain Selenium which i always thought was a heavy metal and poisonous.
Any thoughts on these points?
Thanks Dave Freeman

Do a search on google on herbalife, signs and MLM watch. Have some fun reading about the company :slight_smile:

dude, youve got to be joking right, i mean really?? You know of this site and it’s forum and you even need to ask about their products??

For ed,
O.K.ed i get the message.I did notknow of the site until the seminar and i thought it would be faster to ask the t-magers as its an American comp.This was purely abusiness opportunity that i was checking out.
thanks for the feed back.
Dave freeman

For z_bumbi,
Thanks for the info,greatly appreciated.
This was a real eye opener for me.I have printed some copies and intend to give them to the lady who introduced me to herbalife.
David Freeman