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I am wondering which biotest supplements are safe for us folks under 18. I know some of them mess with hormones and the like. Have any teens used any biotest products, if so, what did you think of the results?



Most teens have no idea how to eat for muscle (or train for that matter). So the best supplement for them is an MRP or protein powder- just good concentrated healthy muscle food. Creatine and most other things are safe, but probably not necessary at all for great gains.

Im a teen and I know how to train and eat. Biotest supps are great for teens. Ive used MAG-10 and advanced protein. Saw great results with both and AP tastes great.

I would agree with TEK on this one people under the age of 21 should not be focus on taking supplements. They should just eat and train. Remember your body is still growing when you are a teen all the way up until you are 21 and sometimes you still grow. Until you feel that your growth have stopped then use supplements. MRP’s and Protien shakes are fine for the extra calories and protien but I wouldn’t use anythingelse at that age…

i am 19, and i have packed on a lot of mass this past year just by eating and having an awesome routine written up for me by my trainer. i just use shakes and bar’s (my shakes have about 10 gs of creatine) and i take glutamine post workout along with my shake. just eat eat eat for size man. it worked for me.