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Supplements You Can't Live Without?


I would like to know witch supplements you cant live without now in your life and why ?

do you really feel the difference if you stop taking it ?


I predict that the only “supplements” that could cause such a noticeable effect (outside of placebo) would be gear.

Could be wrong though :wink:


Hydro20. Feel like death when I don’t take it for 3 days.


Not any I can’t live without, but an actual game changer for me has been introducing Plazma, when I stop taking it, or have times in between order/delivery I definitely feel a difference in my recovery and pump.


Vit D
Fish Oil


Hydrolysed whey/MAG10 post workout, krill oil

-allows me to train 6 days a week if want to, whereas without could prob only muster 3


I’ve seen you mention krill oil before, can I ask why you recommend it over basic omega 3 fish oil?


This may be a joke I don’t get… but, can you elaborate if not? I’m not familiar with this. Sorry if this is a dumb question.


I believe he means water


Pretty much the best thing i’ve found for joints.
Also helps with immunity and if taken with preworkout meal get better work capacity and small endurance boost


Sorry… bad troll attempt


Yeah sorry, it’s just the good ole H2O. Bit of a bad joke.


Gotta gotta have Flameout, Mag-10, Vitamin D3 a really god multi which I switch around regularly and of course my green drink that I mix with frozen blueberries.

I need more than this but those are the most important.


None. The one I notice if I don’t have it is Plazma on squat or DL day.


fish oil, vit D3 I never go without.

I can live without creatine monohydrate and ZMA, but they’re so damn cheap that I use creatine everyday and ZMA when I have trouble sleeping or if I feel I’m not getting enough zinc in my diet.

if I travel, the only supplements I take are fish oil and vitamin D3.


I use protein powder, vit D3, fish oïl and magnesium ! i dont need anything…hmmm yes maybe a black coffee as pre workout :wink: