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Supplements Without Juice


Do supplements really help you get bigger if your not juicin? Ive tried a few different things and they dont seem to do anything. Do you have to stack a bunch of supps in order to get any effect?


No, though they have to be fulfilling some sort of requirement, and the effect will be more subtle (with the exception of stimulants, they'll kick the energy right up).



There are a lot of crap products on the market. Which is why it's always best to research everything before you buy, and more importantly before you put it into your body.

But, yes, there are supplements that will help (for various goals).

Also, you have to keep your expectations in-tune with the real world. You can't take flax-oil and expect the gains to come like steroids (unless your name is Bonds, right?).


Somehow I have the feeling that your problem has more to do with diet (and quite possibly routine) than supplementation. No supplements will make you big if you're not eating more calories than you burn and training hard on compound exercises.


no, its not that im not gaining anything, its just that i have friends that have tried them and they havent really gotta any effect outta them, so i wanted to ask about them before i go and spend my own money on them


It doesn't matter if you're taking supps or AAS, if your diet,training,recovery is not in order you will not make good gains...My take is that AAS/supps represent about 10-15% of the equation and the rest can be attributed to proper training,diet,etc...AAS are not muscle in a bottle/vial as most people will have you believe...This is coming from personal experience and not hearsay.


If you are not eating enough, you will not grow. It doesn't matter how much NO2 or liquid creatine your buddies are taking if total calories or protein are insufficient, g.