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Supplements While On...

Currently running test-e and dbol cycle, wondering which supplements I should take and which I shouldn’t. I’m not real prone to swelling, and have anti’s onhand in case.

Currently taking normal 2-3 protein shakes and basic animal pak. Can anyone make suggestions, mass is the name of the game at this point.

It depends on money and whether relatively small differences are worth the cash to you or not.

Androgen use does allow cheaping out with regard to sound (from the standpoint of health) nutritional supplementation and from the standpoint of performance enhancement.

That said, I don’t think there’s a difference in what is good to use, just a difference in whether you can get away with not doing it and still get outstanding results.

The exception is, obviously don’t bother with T boosting supplements. And it seems to me that creatine is not particularly useful on cycle, but it costs so little anyway that dropping it isn’t a substantial cost saving.

Sufficient protein intake (at least 1.5 grams per lb bodyweight) and sufficient carbs and calories is going to be more beneficial with no supplements than falling short in those and using all the supplements in the world.

The typical advice is appropriate intake of BCAAs. Fish oil is a good idea as well.

Foremost, though, follow what Bill said.

Good topic. I’m interested in this.

Question— you guys like Beta-7 for supplementing while on? Seems it’d be great for increasing the amount of pain/lactic acid you could take and make the AAS even more effective by allowing you to induce more stress.

What about Superfood from a vitamin standpoint, or Spike/Power Drive?

Really, just BCAAs and fish oil? (and protein obviously)

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[quote]AlteredState wrote:
I love Superfood and use it year round.[/quote]

Is this more from a health standpoint or do you notice increased performance/recovery while using it as well?

Antioxidants have been shown to be performance enhancers. So I would expect there to be a performance enhancement effect from Superfood.

As I introduced Superfood to my own program a the same time as some other changes, I can’t say personally. I can say that my work capacity even when not juiced is better now (at age 46) than it has ever been, so the sum total of things being done in terms of supplementation must be working.

The things I think are relevant in my own case to work capacity are the Beta-7, ribose, antioxidants, and brain boosters (Power Drive, Spike Shooter, Life Extension Foundation Cognitex, acetyl-L-carnitine, DMAE, TMG, DHEA, EFA’s, and policosanol.)

This topic is particularly interesting to me, since I’ll be embarking upon a first cycle in the next couple days.

I used to use Power Drive, Spike, Surge, ZMA, Flameout and sometimes Superfood. The money for the cycle cut seriously into my budget, right at the time that I could use more supps, as well as when Biotest just decided to come out with a bunch of new cool things.

Additionally, and perhaps most important, is the fact that my income has taken a marked dip from where it was when I was buying those supplements, particularly Rhodiola (sic?). So it sucks all around for me. :wink:

So my question is, what are the single most useful things? Can we prioritize them? Especially taking into account that I’m going to be training an average of approximately 20-25 hours a week for the next couple months (high frequency, 2 a days, good stuff)

I was thinking rhodiola, HOT-ROX, Surge, Superfood, Beta 7, Spike. I can get fish oil at Walmart (heresy, I know)–it will allow me to get more calories in because it’s not as concentrated as Flameout per EPA/DHA dose.

I want to get BCAAs in mass quantities too, but I’m not sure I will be able to afford all these things. In fact, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to. The question is, how do I prioritize what I’m buying?

any thoughts, personal experiences? Limited budget while on and intense training, what goes first, what stays?

creatine Ethel Ester, glutamine, BCAA’s. also take a post workout carb with your protein like waxy maize. that shit is awesome! the fastest carb ever!

A must are fish oil, flax oil, multi, protein sups.

I dont really think BCAA’s are beneficial when on so i dont use them then, however if your not using AAS they are one of the best natty sups u can take.

spend the money on food!!!

Piggybacking on Dave1188’s suggestion to concentrate on food, I would suggest charlespoliquin.com Super HCL 3.0. It augments the absorbtion of all food, supplements, & nutrients ingested. What better time to maximise absorption than when your body thirst for nutrients while on cycle?

Quite honestly, when cycling i tend to back off on supplements - the ergogenic aid type stuff anyway.

So while cycling i would only use proteins(including BCAA), oils, fibre… food type supplements.

I would save the creatines, HMB, Ribose etc etc for when off cycle.


some things seem to react a little more harsh when in the go…such as stimulants energy drinks and such!

blood pressure situations are easy to get banged up for me!

i wonder if fish oils would help me in that area?

[quote]hangiron wrote:
some things seem to react a little more harsh when in the go…such as stimulants energy drinks and such!

blood pressure situations are easy to get banged up for me!

i wonder if fish oils would help me in that area?

Theoretically it should. You take enough of the fish oil, and it thins your blood. I don’t recall the dosing, but a few of the members here reported having difficulty stopping bleeding when taking larger doses of the fish oil.