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Supplements while on TRT?

Ive aways been a natural, and my staple supplements included ZMA, Creatine, Whey and Glucosamine.

I start TRT in the next few days , so thinking of dropping the ZMA as i dont need to worry about my own natural production anymore?

whats your thoughts?

I find out tomorrow.

Never used t boosters anyway, only ZMA but just wondering if its worth still taking for any other benefits it may give (besides up regulation of natural test production)

Approach supplements the same whether you’re on TRT or not. ZMA does have a bunch of benefits beyond helping Test production.

Magnesium does, like, a million things in the body from heart health to insulin sensitivity. This article and this article talk about some more benefits. Zinc can help the immune system and thyroid health, and ZMA can help improve sleep quality (often with vivid dreams).

To open a can of worms… you’re still natural on TRT.


I prefer to now be known as …

Artificially Genetically gifted … basically terminator



This has some good info