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Supplements When Using Tren and Winny? Can't Sleep

Hey gentlemen,
Wondering what supplements people find beneficial to take while cycling tren e and winny.
Iv got krill oil, magnesium and curcumin, for cholesterol and joint pain. Plus a liver support and few others for general mood and well being such as theanine, ashwaghanda etc.

What do people use for trensomnia?

This is my third cycle of tren e, and iv never had the problems sleeping like I’m having right now and not even a full two weeks in and on previous higher doses of the same brand.
It’s 3am and I’m not remotely tired. The only thing I’ve done different this time is front loaded.

More wondering what experience and supplements people have with this particular cycle and sleep problems etc

Any tips for cutting would be appreciated as well.

Diets pretty good, hard to stay strict but keeping around 2500cal and eating mainly chicken turkey fish, fruit and vegetables.
Training high intensity boxing and martial arts 2x per week plus steady state cardio 3x per week with some callisthenics.

Third night in a row iv dozed off but woke and can’t get back to sleep.
Tried herbal sleeping supplemts with hops kava theanine and melatonin but won’t keep me down. Even took a sleeping pill I use when on night shift and still won’t stay down longer than 4 hours, I usually sleep 8 no worries.


My experience - Ive been 5 months on tren-e now (400-600mg week). Today was last pin. First month or even more I barley slept at all just like you. It got better in time. Now I sleep 5-7h. I wake to piss 2-4 times and it still takes long time to fall asleep. I’m quite well rested after that. I take 10-15 mg melatonin (its powder and hard to dose exact amount), ashwagandha, mag+b6+zinc, 5-htp before sleep. Rhodiola in the morning. Ashwa, 5-htp and Rhodiola help with mental side effects - I use like 3x recommend those of those.

I know benzos, phenibut or GBL/GHB would help but i was addicted to just about everything that works on GABA and coming off them results in even worse insomnia.

I know nothing I wrote is helpful - It just might get better in time like for me but otherwise I think you just have to endure it. Its not that big big of problem if you fell fine, right?

B6 & some forms of Ashwagandha can have a stimulant like effect so taking them before bed may not be ideal especially when taking a harsh substance known to cause sleep disruption. Of course you’ll have to decide how they effect you in particular.

Could you post a pic of what 5 months of 400-600mg of Tren makes you look like? It would be beneficial to the community. Obviously you can black out your face.

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Well, only because you asked - too fat to show off. I don’t have any bigger mirror around nor better camera, I don’t do pictures :smiley: . I’m 172 cm / ~97 kg.

Yeah I did figure as much was just curious on others experiences as it’s not my first cycle with it but is the first time iv had trouble sleeping.
Ended up getting a sleep formula by caruso or something, had to take 6 x the dose but finally slept