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Supplements We Take...


I'm not sure if there is a sticky or thread in here strictly for supplements and what we all take, if any.

As for myself... right now just,

ON Protein Powder
ALLMAX waxy maixe
AllMAX creatine.

Thats it.

I have been looking for a good pre-workout drink and a good post-workout drink (allready premixed).


Sometimes Multi vitamin,Fish oil,whey protein and creatine in that order.


Fish oil moved my levels from 300 to 100. Major improvement for me. The rest is no where near as important.


Fish oil, usually a couple of capsules a day. A multi-vitamin and sometimes garlic in the winter.

Recently had a very instructive post from Chris Thibs on here regarding my shift/stress/tiredness problem and has suggested rhodiola so looking into that one right now.


EAS Protein Powder
BodyTech Casein Protein


Fish oil
Primrose oil
Multi vitamin
Extra Vit c
Joint supps, osteo biflex and Genacol (newest one I added to help rebuild cartilage with collagen)
Protein powders


Multi-vitamin (Mega Men for men over 50) plus magnesium, fish oil, creatine, egg protein.

(Waxy maixe????????)


Fish Oil
Multi Vit
Protein Powder
BCAA's (intra workout mixed with Gatorade)


What are your goals? This factors in to what supplements you could/should be taking.

From what you have listed, it sounds great for a natural anabolic 'bump' post-workout. I have not seen a lot of pre-mixed Post-WO drinks that aren't ridiculously expensive.


ON Protein
Power Drive
Fish oil

Tried tons of other stuff and narrowed it down to these as being all I currently need. Really like creatine but it makes me nauseous.


Just mix your ON Whey with some Gatorade. Or better yet, buy a tub of Gatorade powder and mix it in. Cheaper than bottles of Gatorade, and no high fructose corn syrup. Or, I'm sure you could find a nice 5 lb tub of dextrose (NOW makes some) and mix that in, that's REALLY cheap. A 5 lb tub of dextrose will last you at LEAST a year.

As for me:

whey proein
CH during training
Surge Workout Fuel, or FINiBARS (or dextrose during sled/prowler work)
preWO stim (not NEEDED, but I enjoy them. they definiely give a psychological advantage)
Biotest Leucine, creatine, ZMA
vit C, D
fish oil (10-12g / day)


I'd stay away from buying a 5lb tub until you see you how you react to dextrose post-workout.

I know for me, I have tried Waxy, dextrose, maltodextrin and vitargo, and I have to avoid dextrose and malto because of how bloated I get/feel.

Competing natural, I like to have my post-wo shake w/ carbs followed by another meal within 60 minutes and if I consume dextrose or malto, I'm not eating for at least 2 hrs.

That said, some people can totally tolerate that stuff and it is less expensive. Surge Recovery uses malto and d-glucose in it. I loved the taste, hated the bloat.


Sorry Waxymaize


I take the PP and WM pre-during-post workout witht he creatine in my last drink.

As for goals, get stronger, and stay healthy.

I take meds that get me sleepy, so I look or am looking for a pre-workout drink that would give me a bump sorta speak.


fish oil
Alpha Male or ISA-Test.

The t-supplements seem to work. My energy level and moods are much higher, gym workouts are awesome, sex life is strong. Can't complain. 40 years old.