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I finally have stabalized my diet and have made some progress in "losing weight" and gaining quite a bit of muscle.

Ive been taking ON Whey 2-3 servings a day. One in morning, one after workout, and if I take a third its just at any random time.

The morning shake is with 1% fat milk, 1 table spoon of chunky peanut butter, 2 table spoon scoops of vanilla oatmeal, and sometimes I throw a nut granola bar into it.

I was thinking of ordering some Primaforce Creatine Ethyl Ester.

and what Omega 3 fish oil should I look for? I know Epa-Dha is something I should look for but as far as that I get confused when I go to a store and they have 1,000 diffrent variations.


You know, this site which allows you to access much FREE information, sells two great products: "Flamout" which is a fish oil and CLA combination. And they also sell a Creatine product, Micronized German Creatine. It gets no better than those two products!

Why don't you show some class and take a look at the products on this site since you obviously like posting here.


so I guess you're a Nazi?

Good job


Look, you have something like 12 posts on this site and you have begun two other threads talking about other manufacturers supplements.

Either you work for another supplement company and you are here to attempt to steer conversation away from Biotest and toward just about anything else, or you're a witless teen.

Either way, you've added nothing to these threads and you'll get no respect around here so why don't you pack it in?


i like this post. this site takes a decent amount of shit over supposed censoring of discussion/promotion of other companies' supplements. this post shows that that just isn't the case.

to the original poster-why don't you research the available info on this site thoroughly. After much study, if you still can't figure it out, then post your stupid question about specific company's supplements.