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Supplements To Travel With

OK so here’s the deal. In the next month or so I will be traveling from home in Clemson SC to DC, DC to Miami, Miami back to DC, DC to SC, then SC to Michigan, Michigan to Clemson.

I wont be staying in any place for longer than 2weeks, most places a week. Clearly I have some traveling ahead of me and was wondering what supplements would be best as I can’t back a tub of Metabolic Drive. (weighs too much and would get destroyed in a search I’m sure) I will be sure to have BCAA’s and Flameout but what else? I have gyms lined up for every place I will be staying and would like to keep the gains I’ve made this year!

Thanks for the help!

When I travel I usually bring a multi, fish oil, and yes Metabolic Drive a whole tub or a smaller container depending on the length.

Thats about it. The Metabolic Drive bars are good as well.


ah good call I forgot about the bars! This time of year they shouldn’t melt while traveling either.