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Supplements to Take When Cutting Weight


Theres another Submission hunt coming up in May here. And I will be competing. Last yr I competed @ the feather weight class. 140-149.9. I weighed in @ 141. I was just 1.1 .lb away from fly weight class. I normaly walk arounnd every day @ 162 .lbs. with about 15 % body fat. Ive already adjusted my diet and cut out the excess shit calories in attempt to get leaner before I need to cut any weight. Last yr when I started to cut weight the only supplements I took were Super greens, USANA essentials and figh oils. Ive already started my super greens, but what multi vit. multi mineral do you guys recommend? I liked the USANA essentials but its just super $ / month. Also where do you guys get your fish oils from cheap?

Any other supplements you guys take or have experiance with when cutting weight?


You've been a member since '03?



I like how he mentions there will be a "Submission hunt", as if everyone knows what the fuck that is.

Oh, of course! A Submission hunt! No wonder OP needs to look like a skeleton! Those wacky submission hunts.


I take it is a wrestling tourney.