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Supplements To Put On Weight


What are the best supps for someone who is very skinny looking to put on mass??


Squats and milk :smiley:


If you don't have your diet dialed in, start there.

If you do, or think you do, go ahead and post it here. We can go from there.

Posting your stats would be helpful, too.


honestly a cheap "junk" protein powder might be you're friend as it willbe easier to get more servings more often for less cost.

ofc the better the protein the better off you are. I personally will only use GNC protein of the stores I have available. (highschool...can't order Biotest). get a gnc gold card 20% off every purchase for a year. mine payed for itself when I bought protein+creatine.


protein, but if you want to get something get cytogainer.


I like creatine, the way I get it is to eat as much red meat as possible all day.

If you think your diet is adequate it most likely isn't. After that, protein powder is number one.


Ummm food? What kind of answer are you expecting?


Carbs, protein and fats.




I would read a few articles around here and get your head around a good diet, Here is a good post as to why your might not want to listen to all the eat eat eat replys.


Instead of eat eat eat , it should be diet diet diet.



Seriously? You're going to post that link and then tell the guy to diet. Did you even read the article?


I think he ment make sure you're on a plan and not just stuffing your face.


Chicken, hamburgers, steak, fish, milk, whole grain pastas and breads....

Calories and a proper training program put weight on your body. Specific sources of calories such as protein, good carbs and fats make an optimal situation for muscle growth.

There is not a magical weight gaining supplement out there. Protein powders, meal replacement packs etc are just calories high in protein, the same as chicken, steak, fish etc.

Just eat.

The one supplement that would be a definate tried and true aid in muscle building is whey protein directly after you train. Due to it's quick absorption rate and your bodies hormonal response to training, your muscles will suck it right up.

Other than that, don't buy in to the supplement hype so much. Some sups have their place but for gaining weight you just need more calories and food will be best for that.


I can't add much to what's already been said.

Lots of clean calories, compound lifts and rest.

Personally, for supps, I take Grow!, creatine, fish oils and a mulit vit. I'm giving HOT-ROX a go right now to see if it works for me, more so for future reference, but to point out the obvious, it's not going to make you put on weight.


Nor can I. Lotsa good food over at least 6 meals a day. My hour after workout meal tonight was a giant dead deer burger with onions, garlic, broccoli, spinach a small apple, a big hunk of full fat cheddar a teaspoon of EVOO and some fish oil caps. Manfood, all kinds of meat, cheese, whole eggs, fish, chicken and quality carbs, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, oats, fruits and lotsa veggies.


Food is most important but protein powder and carb powder can be a powerful combination...i like muscle milk powder and elite whey proteins and universal makes a good carb powder.