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Supplements to INDUCE Hunger


Are there any relatively safe supplements around which induce hunger? All I see is ways to cut down calories or to stop feeling hungry. I on the other hand, dont feel hungry, or dont have food cravings. The only times I do is if I smoke some weed, which I rather not do on a daily, if not multiple times a day basis... I want to put on mass, but mental health is slightly more important.

I eat 2.5-3k a day on average and I barely gain any strength or size, and I have noticed that weeks where I have increased a lot in strength, I ate 4-5k. I dont mind becoming a bit chubby in the process - it is easy for me to control my hunger/diet, so I can loose weight easily. Any supplements you would recommend which indirectly, or directly boost craving for food?



Marijuana perhaps?


Mentioned, works great, but not really suitable for long term use...


you could try 'black-hole'

i've had some accidental success by doing exactly what fat people do to try to get thin. its a long storey but essentialy i starved myself for almost a week (though an unfortunate set of sercomstances i'd rather not get into)and then after that i found that i had an apitite like no other time in my life, i was just craving all the really dence calerie food and never seemed to be able to fill myself up. and as a bonus my matabalism had slowed cos of the starving and it seemed that everything i ate my body stored.

i'm not saying this is the answer, i'm sure it could all go terribly wrone, its just something i've observed, quite by accident.


Equipose! I keed, I keed, more activity harder workouts fuel my hunger.

Also, consider Se7en which used to be called Methoxy-7. I still use it occasionally and it always ramps up my hunger. Even thought it's marketed towards the chicks many guys and bodybuilders use it stacked with other supps for it's muscle density effect and some like me report it again, ramps up hunger.



I once heard Chris Aceto say that salting foods helps increase appetite, but I don't know if that holds any ground. I always salt my foods, so I can't judge my appetite in comparison.


Not sure about supplements, but I've definitely noticed that when I do a bit of low intensity cardio I'm STARVED later on in the day.


Train harder.




you could try upon waking up going for a quick run for a mile, give or take a little, to get your metabolism going. Since you are trying to bulk up I wouldn't run too much though


OP: Do you eat large meals(portion wise)?


If you cook, try using more spices and salt. Doesn't have to be a lot more but more than you're used to. If that's not option for you (for various reasons), I would suggest choosing calorie dense foods in your diet. Say, if you have a favorite type of nut, eat lots of it. I can go through a pound of pistachio - although I shouldn't. There's a thread on bulking tips in the beginner's forum, you should look there if you haven't already.

Exercise also increases appetite. Morning activity (maybe a walk) before breakfast is said to increase your appetite during the day. Drinking a cup of green tea first thing in the morning has a similar effect on me.

If all else fails, and you should really make sure that all else failed, try going for junk food with protein in it - pizza, hamburgers etc. I don't know anybody who can't eat a good amount of these, unless they're extremely afraid of getting fat(or self aware). Although I think the other things suggested should work.


I've had great luck with ginger root (typically marketed as an anti-motion sickness supplement).




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